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The Science of Chrononutrition™

Chrononutrition involves synchronizing the time for food and nutrients with your biological clock to improve health, energy and metabolism. Developed by a French nutritionist, it has roots in Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine. Now Furtuna Skin brings the dramatic wellness benefits of Chrononutrition to skincare by strategically timing the delivery of nutrients from our wildly potent plants to coordinate with skin’s Circadian clock.

Breakthrough discoveries in the science of Chrononutrition have shown that: (a) the Circadian Rhythm can impact the efficacy of nutrients, (b) the timing of nutrient uptake can help enhance well-being and control oxidative stress and skin metabolism, (c) beneficial nutrients like phenols have the ability to actually reset the Circadian Clock. Skin tends to take in nutrients in different proportions depending on the time of day, so perfectly timing the delivery of ingredients is imperative to maximize benefits.

We’re bringing Chrononutrition™ to skincare for the first time with a combination of creams that work synergistically to recalibrate skin’s circadian rhythm by protecting and supporting skin renewal.

On the vast, botanical wonderland of our La Furtuna Farm in Sicily, Extremophyte™ plants grow wild in the fields. Our ancient flowers boast supercharged nutrients that are many times more potent than your everyday garden variety. The practice of Chrononutrition helps amplify their already powerful nutritional benefits for skin. Our organic, wild-foraged plants are uniquely equipped to supply skin with the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins at the right time to help skin carry out its day and night Circadian duties to the fullest.

By selecting wild-foraged blooms with potent nutrients that are better suited to either day or night, our formulas sync with skin's Circadian Clock to achieve the most transformative results possible. They provide a wealth of restorative bioactive compounds for proper functioning so that skin glows with clarity, energy and vitality.

Optimal Nutrients + Natural Rhythms = Transformed Skin

Our Day and Night Creams are tailored to the different day and night needs of skin. High in antioxidants and skin barrier boosters, our Daily Renewal Cream provides protection and hydration because during the day, skin needs to strengthen its defense against oxidative stress and make up for moisture lost at night. Rich in factors that support natural collagen production and skin renewal, our nurturing Nightly Renewal Cream takes advantage of the evening hours, when skin is more receptive to active ingredients. During the night, skin repairs damage done during the day and between midnight and 1 am, renewal is at its peak.

By day, skin needs protective antioxidants, revitalizing soothers and radiance boosters. Our high Vitamin C plants, such as Artichoke, Daisy, Marigold and Nettle, work double duty to brighten skin and combat oxidative stress. Vitamin E standouts, like Olive Oil and mallow, nourish and soothe for a rejuvenating effect. Our Farm’s antioxidant powerhouses shield skin from the day’s environmental aggressors: Olive Leaf Water contains two of nature’s top skin defenders, purifying oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, which boasts some of the highest antioxidizing properties ever discovered. Grown on our mineral-rich, organic soils, Anchusa azurea, grapevine and many other of our farm plants are rich in phenolic antioxidants that help protect skin from oxidative damage and help resync its natural Circadian Rhythm. Chicory and Carrot from the farm are root vegetables that contain natural hyaluronic acid to keep the skin plump with moisture plus high levels of magnesium for hyaluronic synthesis.

At night, skin needs the building materials, collagen and protein, to repair itself, and nutrients to help with regeneration and renewal. Our collagen-boosting botanicals, Chicory and Artichoke, keep the skin firm, supple and plump while helping prevent sagging and collagen breakdown. Protein-packed plants, like Asparagus and Calamint Stem, contain two key amino acids, Lysine and Proline, that support skin’s natural collagen production. Dandelion, Carrot and other botanicals with high levels of Vitamin A, beta-Carotene and malic acid, enhance skin renewal by gently exfoliating dull surface buildup and smoothing away lines.  Our Vitamin K superstars, Daisy, Dandelion and Nettle, help tone up the appearance of elasticity and aid visible skin repair.

Ultra-nourishing ingredients that are rich in peptides, phytoceramides and omega-rich fatty acids, such as our exclusive, award-winning Olive Oil and Borage, work double time to bring skin different benefits for day versus night. By day, they help strengthen skin’s natural oil barrier, improve moisture retention and keep away impurities. At night, they moisturize dehydrated skin and bind the skin back together with phytoceramides, which help seal in hydration. 

Applying the Circadian science of Chrononutrition to skin helps enhance the already powerful nutrient benefits of the wild-foraged Extremophyte plants from our Farm. Take time off your appearance with our timely approach to super nutrition for skin.


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