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Healing Recovery Ritual

With Furtuna Skin, we've decided to create a new kind of skincare approach—one with clean, wild foraged ingredients, unparalleled performance, and meaningful rituals that will make you look forward to taking care of yourself every day.

Our Cuore Collection's Replenishing Balm is based in Recovery. The world can throw a million things your way in the span of one day. We've created a simple calming ritual to help you reset.

Step One: Deep Breathing of Magnolia

Open your jar of Replenishing Balm and place it under your nose. Breathe in 5 seconds and out for 10, inhaling the soft aroma of Magnolia oil that calms stressed minds as its soothing properties help relieve skin. Repeat this breath work exercise 3 times.

Step Two: Mindfulness & Relaxation:

As you prepare to apply, we recommend you remove yourself from eye sight of a mirror or close your eyes to increase the experience of relaxation, inward-reflection and feelings of gratitude and joy. Try to imagine the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea just like the blue of the Balm for a more calming effect.

Step Three: Self Massage & Application

Use a dime size amount of Replenishing Balm for chest and another dime size amount for your face. Start at your chest and gently massage upwards on your décolletage. Moving to the face, spread the balm gently across your skin, concentrating on sensitive or damaged areas. Add additional layers until the skin is satisfied. For enhanced benefits, we recommend using a gua sha tool to massage outwards and upwards.

Step Four: Rest & Reset

Let the Replenishing Balm melt into your skin overnight, allowing optimal time for the ancient medicinal Hawthorne and Olive Oil to facilitate the skin's regeneration process.

Repeat the ritual as the last product in your evening rituals, as needed.


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