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Transform Your Ritual with Pia

Pia Baroncini is Furtuna Skin's latest skincare ambassador. The fashion industry it-girl and creative director of her namesake brand LPA is known for her A-list style, talent + infectious candor. After years of struggling to control acne & melasma, Pia began sharing her journey of clean skincare with her 100K+ following amassing a follower base that is crazy for clean skincare + products. Pia also shares the brand's love of Italian culture which she frequently talks about with her Sicilian-born husband on her podcast Everything is the Best.

Pia’s Morning Routine & Ritual:

Setting intentions + getting ready for the day with Furtuna Skin's high performance products.

1. Every morning I wake up to the Dogs playing. This is my alarm clock - Ciro, Dexter And Nutella.

Pia's Dogs

2. Journaling: In the morning I like to write down good things that have happened, what my goals today are and the plan.


3. My Skincare Routine:

Some people don’t wash their face in the morning, but I already played with my dogs. So I definitely want to cleanse, but don’t want to strip my skin. Introducing Furtuna Skin’s Micellar Essence. It’s just perfect. It’s light, it’s moisturizing. It doesn’t strip my skin of it’s natural oils. It smells amazing, and leaves my skin so soft.

Furtuna Skin is so special, it felt like a dream come true of a discovery. My husband grew up in Sicily, so I know that land and the weight of its depths. It's an island with soil unlike any other, between the volcano and the sea, there are beaches, mountains and everything in between. What the land produces is magic. Being able to harvest its bounty and to elegantly make it into skincare is just incredible. On TOP if that, making sure that the special beings on that land are taken care of and have jobs….the benefits are just endless

Next step is their Face & Eye Serum, my favorite thing on the planet. I just apply an even layer everywhere. Making sure to get it all around my eyes and my chest. Massaging it in to depuff and do some lymphatic drainage. The face and eye serum is a huge reason my skin has been so wonderful lately.

Third step is their Biphase Moisturizing Oil which has oil and water, because your skin can not absorb oil without water. Shake it until it emulsifies, then apply. This goes into your skin instead of just sitting on top of it. I am greasy, so I need an oil that is going to absorb so my make-up doesn't slide down my face all day.

This brand is so special to me. Made with pure organic ingredients, EWG verified, Leaping Bunny certified, hypoallergenic and most importantly, made from plants grown on my husband's native Sicilian soil.

Make sure to tune in to my IGTV where I teach Davide how to use the Rituale Luminoso trio, while he teaches me Italian. 

Micellar Essence

4. Next, Lemon Water and Apple Cider vinegar. This is always the first thing I drink in the morning.

Lemon Water

5. Breakfast! Collagen matcha and gluten free bread with egg, spinach, and Bona Furtuna seasoning and extra virgin olive oil.

Bona Furtuna

6. Lastly, I love to awaken my body in the morning with a quick flow.


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