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A Restorative Self-Care Ritual to Rejuvenate Skin

This restorative ritual is a comprehensive experience that combines aromatherapy & grounding techniques to calm, and restore skin’s luminosity.  Follow along below for  instant relaxation and return of vibrancy to your mind, body, and skin. 

Grounding & Intention Setting

Beginning with a cleansed face and a clean Gua Sha stone, we are going to tap into the ancient techniques of aromatherapy. Magnolia Oil is the signature ingredient that gives our Biphase Moisturizing oil its soft aromatic scent. Considered a symbol of new beginnings, magnolia oil is one of the oldest essential oils used in skincare. Not only does it help calm stressed minds, its soothing properties help relieve skin to leave it even and luminous. 

Begin by warming a full dropper of our Biphase Moisturizing Oil into the palms of your hands. Cup the palms of your hands to your face, inhale deeply for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Setting your intention for restoration and relaxation with every inhale.

Prep Skin with Hydration & Glide

Packed with wildly potent oil and water soluble nutrients, our Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil is the perfect way to prep skin with ample hydration prior to Gua Sha. Containing active levels of Vitamin C, organic wild chicory, and high-antioxidant dog rose botanicals, our Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil supports collagen synthesis and protects against environmental exposure that can otherwise lead to the breakdown of elastin.

After the deep breath aromatherapy ritual above gently press the Biphase Moisturizing Oil onto the face and décolletage. Ensure you have a nice even layer to provide some glide for the Gua Sha on skin. 

Restorative Gua Sha Massage

Gua sha massage is an ancient therapeutic technique used to relieve stress and release stagnation in the mind and body. Gua sha clears blockages to create space for movement—for blood and oxygen—and promotes healthy lymphatic flow. 

Our Gua Sha Stone is made with Obsidian which is especially unique because of its natural properties allow it to maintain heat which helps with blood circulation during the Gua Sha massage. Obsidian is a volcanic glass obtained from fast-cooling lava. Known for physical and energetic healing benefits—its ability to remove and protect from negative energies—obsidian is assumed to draw out toxins, release stress, and relieve tension from our bodies. 

Divide your face into 4 zones. Start with Zone 1 and work down to Zone 4.

Zone 1: neck and décolleté

Zone 2: jaw and upper lip under the cheekbone

Zone 3: cheeks, eye and nose

Zone 4: forehead and brows.


Hold the Gua Sha at a 15° angle with your thumb under the tool and the other 4 fingers flat on top. This is the prime position for the gua sha as we gently guide the stone across the skin. Repeat each of the following steps 3-6 times (the slower, the better).

Zone 01 - Begin at the décolleté and sweep the stone toward your shoulders, working your way to the neck in an upward movement.

Zone 02: Anchoring your skin with one hand, sweep the stone from under the jaw outward to the ears. Proceed to the upper lip, gently moving the stone to the ears, and down to the neck. To ease little lines, continue on the side of the mouth and sweep toward the ears. 

Zone 03: Progress toward the bridge of the nose and along the sides of the nose. Hold the tool under the cheekbones, working the ridge. Sweep under the eyes and cheekbones with a pumping movement and outward to the hairline. Sweep down behind the ears and down the neck.

Zone 04: Hold the tool at the top of the nose and work the muscles of the forehead up vertically to the hairline. Work out any areas where you have lines or tension. Anchor your skin with one hand and work horizontally and then all the way down to the neck.


Using the gua sha massage drives the plant nutrients from the biphase oil deeper into the skin with light up and outward motion to release stress and tension.This process increases circulation allowing you to experience a deeper, more meaningful restorative aromatherapy massage. 

Upon first use of the restorative ritual, you notice visibly plumped and lifted skin, and  after a few weeks of supporting collagen synthesis, you’ll come to find your skin’s increased firmness and resilience. Making this ritual the best way to calm your mind and drive rejuvenating results for skin. 


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