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Balance Skin’s Natural Circadian Rhythm

Looking to the land, not the labs, we were inspired by the life cycle and rhythms throughout our farm. Natural, wild foraged plants are not deprived of environmental cues. The distinct difference between day and night, the biodynamic elements -- each characteristic is an integrated whole that influences the farm’s essence. The 24hr circadian cycle of the land permeates all aspects of the farm, from the natural light coming and going, the sun and moon fresh air and minerals from the sea. With no artificial light pollution, and no disruptions, our farm is an idyllic, thriving oasis. This encouraged us to look at the rhythms of our lives, our well-being, and connect these to our skin health.

Understanding the synergy of the farm and using it as a framework motivated us to create our Circadian Rhythm Complex™ to transform our skin. Artificial lights, extreme temperature, and stress not only disrupt rhythms of nature, but the rhythms of our skin. We chose ingredients from the farm that can support our skin’s circadian rhythm the same way they work in harmony to strengthen the rhythms of the farm.


Influenced by Earth’s solar day, skin has a synchronized 24-hour biological clock known as the circadian rhythm that harmonizes skin balance. The skin’s biological clock is constantly disrupted by stress, poor nutrition, and exposure to daily aggressors. Disturbance of the circadian rhythm can cause negative impacts like skin fatigue, dryness, dark spots, sagging, blemishes, lines and wrinkles. Skin needs to be continuously regulated to maintain a synchronized internal clock and be at optimal health.

The presence of light and darkness in our everyday life creates different conditions for the skin, thus influencing our skin’s response to these daily transitional cues. Skin is adaptive and composed of specific elements that regulate patterns throughout the 24-hour time period. When the circadian rhythm is balanced, skin is transformed.

Daily Renewal Cream

During the day, your skin naturally experiences a breakdown of collagen. It thickens to protect skin from aggressors and moisture loss while elevating pH to preserve skin’s acid mantle.

The ingredients in our 24H Circadian Complex™ support your skin during your waking hours:

Lamb’s Quarter
Supports skin in Day Protect Mode. Gentle as a lamb, strong as a lion, this ancient plant is a naturally effective equalizer that helps balance sebum levels and clarify skin. High in linoleic acid, it helps clear the way to a pristine complexion.

Fennel Seed
Supports skin in Day Protect Mode. A superior skin soother and defender, it’s bursting with brightening Vitamin C, skin-balancing minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and free radical-busting antioxidants.

Strawberry Tree
Supports skin in Day Protect Mode. A symbol of miracles and immortality, strawberry tree gives skin new life and helps promote natural circulation flow to diminish puffiness and bloat in your face. And it shields skin from environmental aggressors that can devitalize skin.

Water Celery
Supports skin in Day Protect Mode. With its high antioxidant activity and exceptional phenol content, the wild-foraged botanical ramps up protection against environmental stress by day--when skin needs it most. The vitamin-rich veg also brightens the complexion and defends against dulling pollutants.

Nightly Renewal Cream

While you sleep, skin increases cell turnover to rid itself of toxins. Natural oils decrease causing more moisture loss. Regeneration and permeability accelerates to better absorb important nutrients.

The ingredients in our 24H Circadian Complex™ support your skin in the evening:
Supports skin in Night Repair Mode. The powerhouse medicinal plant helps bolster the skin matrix and natural collagen production, resulting in a visible lifting effect. Rich in electrolytes potassium, magnesium and calcium, plus omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, Purslane leaves skin stronger so it can take in nutrients more effectively.

Illyrian Thistle
Supports skin in Night Repair Mode. The purple-hued bloom reinforces the natural moisture barrier and enhances hydration to compensate for the extra moisture skin loses at night. Loaded with linoleic acid, it softens, soothes and replenishes the complexion for a flawless look.

Nettle Leaf
Works round the Circadian clock to support skin in Day Protect and Night Repair Modes. Packed with Vitamins A, B, C and K plus minerals and B-Carotene, Nettle Leaf replenishes skin’s moisture barrier by day and increases its renewal rate by night. A brilliant multi-tasker, it helps balance sebum levels and clarify as it hydrates, smooths lines and renews a luminous glow.

For a radiant complexion round the Circadian clock, Furtuna Skin recommends combining the Day and Night Creams with other products in our AM/PM rituals so that skin receives the full scope of macro- and micro- nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our rituals are designed to provide complete balanced nutrition through interlocking formulas that unite water soluble and oil soluble nutrients. Start the day with Micellar Cleansing Essence, Face and Eye Serum, Eye Revitalizing Cream, Day Cream, and Bi-Phase Moisturizing Oil...and end your evening with Micellar Cleansing Essence, Face and Eye Serum, Eye Revitalizing Cream, Night Cream, and Replenishing Balm.


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