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Botanical Skincare: The Power of Plant Ingredients

One of the largest misconceptions in our culture is that chemicals are better. Especially when it comes to our medicines and how we care for our bodies, people are too quick to turn to harsh and harmful products and formulations to “fix” their skin.

But at Furtuna Skin, we don’t look to the labs for healing. Instead, we look to the land. 

What Is Botanical Skincare?

Let’s talk about the first order of business: what actually is botanical skincare?

When it comes to skincare products, natural really is best. But for skincare to be natural, it must be made of nourishing, true botanicals. 

Not just any plant-based ingredients will do. Botanical skincare requires the best organic ingredients to power its products. Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and harvested with only the most sustainable farming methods, natural skincare is made from all-natural ingredients, like essential oils rather than artificial fragrances. 

Are Plant-Based Skincare Products Better Than Synthetic Skincare?

Not only is plant-based skincare good for the environment, but it is good for your skin’s wellness, too. 

Compared to full-synthetic skincare products that can leave your face tired and undernourished, products that feature plant-based alternatives check all the boxes off your skincare wishlist. Unlike harsh chemical products whose only calling cards are dry skin, botanical skincare can leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed every time. 

Sensitive Skin

Following fully synthetic skincare routines is a bad idea for anyone, but it can be especially damaging for sensitive skin types. If your skin is easily irritated, using cleansers and toners made with toxic chemicals can worsen your skin concerns when it comes to both the look and feel of your face. Even good synthetic ingredients can irritate sensitive skin if they’re too potent — that’s why, here at Furtuna, we focus on safe and proven synthetics paired with wild-foraged botanical ingredients.

Rather than take that risk, replace skincare products that contain harmful chemicals with those that contain soothing botanical alternatives. Furtuna Skin’s Face and Eye Serum is made from dozens of powerful plants, including olives, azurea, and chicory, that are as gentle as nature itself. 

Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this hyper-potent serum delivers illuminating results in both the face and eye area in one simple step. 

Active Compounds

Another benefit of plant-based skincare ingredients is the abundance of active compounds they offer. 

Synthetic-based skincare might be able to mimic natural ingredients with man-made chemicals, but they aren’t always able to replace the power of the real plants they try to replicate. Because our organic ingredient alternatives are never over processed and are sustainably sourced, our skincare products can offer the full strength of active compounds like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin C —but from plants. 

Nutrient Profiles

When people talk about nutrition, they’re usually planning for a healthy (but delicious) dinner. But when it comes to skincare ingredients, we’re talking about a different kind of nutrition. 

Creating natural skincare products is all about choosing the best ingredients. Nutrient profiles detail the specific nutrient levels in an ingredient, making them essential when separating the good from the great botanicals. By focusing on the bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity in our ingredients, Furtuna Skin can design the best skincare products for your skin. 

Skin Health Optimization

When comparing plant-based versus processed, it can be easy to forget the real goal of your skincare: to care for your skin. 

Botanical skincare ingredients are an alternative to harsh-chemical-based skincare, which too often relies on formulations that are not safe for the skin. While a best-selling body butter or lotion might claim to be a great moisturizer, if made with impure ingredients, it can cause buildup on the skin, serving as a gateway to some major skin concerns. Plant-based products can naturally soothe your skin concerns without causing further damage. 

What Should I Know About Furtuna Skin’s Plant Ingredients?

Furtuna Skin is dedicated to botanical skincare ingredients and sustainable sourcing methods. From the way we grow our olives to the way we process our awe-of-nature plants, we put your skin first by putting nature first. 

Soundbath® Extraction

Rather than relying on ineffective extraction processes, Furtuna Skin developed our own natural alternative to process botanical ingredients. 

Called the Soundbath® extraction method, this process uses gentle sound waves to quickly and efficiently obtain powerful extracts,compounds, and phytonutrients from our plants. Delivering a consistently potent product, this sound-inspired extraction method is the first secret weapon of our skincare brand. 

Natural Plant Relationships 

But our second secret weapon is more powerful yet. Behind every skincare product at Furtuna Skin is a small but mighty fruit: the olive. 

A symbol of immortality, olives are one of the oldest botanical ingredients in the world and are essential to our botanical skincare brand. With the power to brighten skin and minimize breakouts, we take olive oil seriously. But olives are more than just their oil. 

When we harvest our olives, we harness two powerhouse plant ingredients: olive oil and olive leaf water. 

Olive oil, a best seller in clean beauty and skincare, is a great protectant. Able to stop breakouts and buildup before they can form, its lipids and enzymes support a thick skin barrier and a healthy complexion. But, despite common belief, olive oil is not by itself a moisturizer. To truly hydrate your skin, you need water. That’s where ingredient number two comes in. 

Olive leaf water delivers a powerful dose of hydration to the skin, making it a powerful ingredient in botanical skincare. And, thanks to its shared lineage with the olive tree, the water is a great compliment to olive oil. 

Working in tandem, olive oil and olive leaf water hydrate and protect the skin. Furtuna Skin knows this better than anyone. That’s why we’ve infused our Biphase Moisturizing Oil with both olive ingredients. This face oil is a two-part system designed to honor the olive and your skin, this face oil distributes lasting moisture that will refresh your skin all day. 

Emphasis on Plants as Medicine

No matter how complicated a treatment’s name may sound, remember that all medicines come from plants. Everything in our world, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, comes from nature. Mother Nature is our one true resource, and she always provides. So before you resort to synthetic treatments laced with plastics and parabens to cure your skin, look to the land for natural healing first. 

In all of our formulas, Furtuna Skin emphasizes botanical compounds and phytonutrients. Featuring organic, wild-foraged ingredients, our products incorporate a blend of soothing plant-based ingredients and effective-yet-clean complementary synthetics. 

With our products, you’ll get the soothing effects of botanicals like wild dandelion, bakuchiol, and organic nettle combined with the potency of synthetics like hydrating glycerin, exfoliating citric acid, and brightening vitamin E.

The Bottom Line

Natural beauty and skincare sets shouldn’t be an exclusive offer. Nature belongs to everybody. It grows in all our backyards. The power of organic ingredients is available to everyone, so the power of organic skincare should be too. 

Botanical skincare ingredients offer benefits that its chemical alternative couldn’t even dream of. From active compounds for skin concerns to soothing, soundbath-inspired ingredients, skincare should draw on nature's natural ebbs and flows. 

At Furtuna Skin, we are inspired by the world around us. With eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices, our skincare is as good for you as it is for the Earth. Try botanical skincare ingredients today to make the most of the planet we live on. 


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