Eye Opening Results with Ancient Plant Ingredients

In our quest to create a high performance eye cream unlike any other, we searched the lands for rare botanicals with uncommon levels of potency and nutrients for our formulas. We discovered a variety of them growing wild on the USDA certified organic soils of our own Sicilian farm.

For our innovative Eye Revitalizing Complex, we sustainably foraged seven potent medicinal flowers known to be natural remedies for lines and wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles -- key concerns of the eye zone. These rare and ancient blooms that are nearly impossible to cultivate, but grow wild on the La Furtuna Farm.

We gently extract the nutrients from these ancient botanicals using our Soundbath™ method in order to maintain full potency and fill our formula with decadent concentrations of the plant actives. Our proprietary phytofusion leaves the eye zone looking visibly brightened, uplifted and revitalized.

Discover our hand selected flowers in our Eye Revitalizing Complex for their extraordinary medical benefits.

At the Heart of the eye Revitalizing Complex, Nigella damascena, lovingly called Love-in-a-Mist, makes its first appearance in skincare. Growing wild on our Farm’s lush Sicilian soil, this scarcely-found flower has extraordinary benefits for eyes. Targeting the tones of discoloration this medical flower is extremely rich in polyphenols, super antioxidant quercetin, vitamins, and fatty acids. The bioactives in Nigella damascena help reduce the appearance of puffiness, brighten dark circles and rejuvenate skin with an abundance of nutrients.

Called the everlasting flower because it never fades, Helichrysum is coveted for its revitalizing benefits and soothing sensations. This powerhouse plant amplifies the performance of our complex as a visible rejuvenator, enlivening the appearance of skin, and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

A skin-soothing and protective antioxidant from the daisy family. Loaded with linoleic fatty acids, it helps improve the natural moisture barrier as it relieves and calms skin.

A Vitamin C-packed plant and stress-soothing adaptogen, artichoke helps boost skin’s natural production of collagen to visibly lift sagging contours and improve skin density.

Symbol of hope and longevity, mender of broken hearts, hawthorn is a potent medicinal superfruit and antioxidant. Rich in radiance-boosting Vitamin C and flavonoids, this fruit-bearing flower is known to help lighten the appearance of skin, visibly lift contours, restore tone, and support skin’s natural regeneration process.

For under eye skin that’s bright as a daisy, we hand-picked this flower for its skin-brightening powers. The bloom of new beginnings is known to help restore luminosity and reduce the appearance of dark circles by promoting natural circulation flow.

A nutritional goldmine for skin with Vitamins A, C, and K, plus potent antioxidants from beta carotene and phenols. Our sunny flower helps soothe stressed skin, boosts hydration, supports skin’s natural collagen production, and reduces the appearance of dark circles by improving natural circulation flow.

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