The Power of Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are powerhouse ingredients that have the potential to repair skin, promoting a vibrant and healthy appearance by supporting skin’s natural renewal process. In nature, these cells help plants self-repair and regenerate themselves once they’ve been damaged by daily aggressors. Lilac Stem Cells are the life force of our eye revitalizing cream formula. Containing the intensive bioactive compound, verbascoside, it is known to curtail the effects of agents that cause dark tones. Our potent lilac stem cell oil helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness as it soothes and rejuvenates the fragile skin around eyes.

A symbol of spring and renewal, lilac belongs to the same family as the olive tree. Prized for its extraordinary benefits, lilacs have been medicinally used for centuries to treat skin conditions such as rashes, burns and scrapes. In the beauty industry, lilac oil has been used as an emollient to moisturize skin, reduce lines and sagging, reduce the appearance of puffiness, and as an astringent to tone skin. Modern herbalists rely on its tranquil bloom to relieve anxiety, easing the mind into a relaxed state while awakening intuition.

For the first time in a hundred years, the rare Enfleurage technique has been revived to capture the living essence of lilac in its purest, most potent form. Enfleurage yields the essential oil at its fullest potency, in its purest, most authentic natural form with a robust plant stem cell concentration, whereas conventional methods can diminish the power of lilac.

Leading this process is Charle-pan, lilac expert and environmental chemist who is responsible for reviving and modernizing enfleurage into a sustainable technique of utmost efficacy. On her 6-acre Cherry Valley Lilac Farm in the Adirondacks she makes the world’s only supply of lilac Enfleurage essential oil.

The growing and extraction process used by Charle-pan is certified organic and biodynamic. Extremely labor-and-time-intensive, this highly technical method uses cold-processing with fat to effectively capture the phyto-compounds and skin-renewing properties of lilac and absorb the full scent profile of its fresh exhaling flowers. Lilacs have a short bloom time and only flower in spring. Each day of a 33 day cycle, handpicked lilac blossoms are replaced with fresh blossoms. During harvest week, Charle-Pan picks the most potent flowers by hand needing about 16 bushels of flowers to create ½ ounce of Lilac Essential Oil.

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