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5 Best Practices for Chemical Peel Aftercare

The journey to radiant, resplendent skin often takes us down the path of rejuvenating treatments, one of the most transformative being a chemical peel. A chemical peel sheds light on your skin's inherent glow, delicately removing layers of skin cells to reveal the vibrant and healthy skin underneath. 

But the magic of the chemical peel does not end at the treatment itself — the aftercare is equally vital, and can help not only extend your results, but can also help enhance your post-treatment glow. And as guardians of your skin's luminous destiny, we at Furtuna Skin guide you through this journey, illuminating the way to optimal post-peel care.

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a testament to the transformative power of nature and science. They harness the potency of selected chemicals, such as lactic acid or glycolic acid, to gently dissolve the outer layers of your skin, revealing fresher and more radiant skin beneath.

This controlled process can help address a range of skin concerns, from dullness and uneven tone to fine lines and breakout scars. However, your skin's journey doesn't end when the treatment concludes. 

Chemical peels, while helpful, can also contribute to redness, irritation, and sensitivity as your skin heals. To help soothe this irritation and support your skin’s healing process, you can use a carefully curated aftercare routine made up of products that are designed to richly nourish and support your skin.

5 Best Practices for Chemical Peel Aftercare

Chemical peels are known for their ability to reveal brighter, smoother, and more even skin — but the healing process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the strength of your peel. Here are a few best practices you can use to gently support your skin during this healing process and beyond.

1. Maintain Hydration

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so does your skin emerge, newly radiant, from a chemical peel. But this transformation requires a harmonious balance of elements, of which hydration is paramount. 

Post-peel, your skin is in a vulnerable state, thirsting for moisture and nourishment. This is not a time for harsh, dehydrating ingredients. Rather, it's a time for loving tenderness, for products using wildly potent natural ingredients that infuse your skin with hydration while respecting its delicate state.

Our Daily Renewal Cream is a lightweight moisturizing cream that can help protect against daily stressors while encouraging radiance. Its advanced formula, rich in pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, can also help to minimize redness and irritation, supporting skin recovery.

2. Don’t Strip Your Skin With Harsh Cleansers

During the time of healing after a chemical peel, the skin requires gentle cleansing, an approach that clears the canvas without causing disruption. 

In this context, our Cleansing Oil Balm is a gentle force that respects the skin's natural balance while keeping it clean and refreshed. As a cleansing balm, it offers a soft, delicate, dual-phase cleanse. Its botanically-infused base of organic olive leaf water and organic olive oil ensures a concentrated delivery of vitamins and antioxidants, leaving the skin aglow with health and vitality. 

Plus, our formula uses our Triple Texture Technology to transition from a balm to an oil to a foam, extracting even the smallest hints of debris and buildup. But this cleanser doesn’t just cleanse — it leaves behind a wide palate of nutrients derived from the rich soil of our regenerative farm in Sicily.

In this period of tender renewal, our Cleansing Oil Balm stands as a testament to the transformative power of gentle cleansing. Remember, the path to radiant skin doesn't end at the peel. It's a journey, one that continues with your loving care and commitment.

3. Soothe and Replenish

After a chemical peel, the skin emerges more sensitive and more perceptive to touch. Now is the time for calming reassurances, for the soothing whispers of nature herself.

Our Replenishing Balm offers just this, a soothing embrace that can help support the healing process and envelope the skin in luxurious moisture. This reparative balm is not just a product but a salve for the soul, a quiet lullaby for the skin as it navigates its way towards radiance. Powered by our Wild-Foraged Replenishing Complex, it can restore the glow to fatigued skin, gently illuminating it from within.

While we must refrain from excessive contact with our skin during this delicate period, a gentle massage with our balm offers a tender touch, and the nourishing ingredients can give your skin the building blocks to emerge with radiance.

4. Nourish and Restore

As your skin acclimatizes to its new radiance, it requires the nurturing power of nourishment and restoration.

Our Face & Eye Serum offers a dual-purpose formula that illuminates both the face and eye area in one simple step. It stands as a testament to the beauty of holistic care, addressing not just the face but also the delicate eye area. However, this serum is more than just a product — it's a liquid tribute to the resilience of nature, a testament to the strength and vitality of wild-foraged botanicals.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, organic wild beet, organic wild chicory, and organic olive oil to help encourage moisture and protect from environmental damage, this serum can contribute to the skin’s journey toward restoration. Our Splendore Anchusa® Complex further amplifies these benefits, providing an abundance of antioxidants and nutritional goodness. 

5. Avoid Sun Exposure

The days following a chemical peel are a time for your skin to retreat, to seek the quiet shadows away from the harsh sun. During this time, your skin requires the safety of shade, a reprieve from the intense exposure of UV rays. 

Sunlight, while the bearer of life and energy, can be too harsh for post-peel skin, which is often photosensitive. This can lead to excess pigmentation, disrupting the healing process and affecting your results.

After a chemical peel, it’s generally recommended to stay indoors as much as possible, and when outdoors, to wear protective clothing and seek shade whenever you can. Consider this a time of rest and restoration for your skin before it emerges stronger and more radiant than ever.

Celebrating Radiant Renewal

Post-chemical peel care is a journey into the heart of skin health, an exploration of nurturing routines that usher your skin toward radiant renewal. It's about understanding that your relationship with your skin doesn't end with the peel but continues to evolve with every aftercare step.

By using wildly potent ingredients from Furtuna Skin after a peel, you can support your skin from the inside out and encourage a radiance like you’ve never seen before. Our products are rich in botanicals extracted from the sun-baked hills of our Sicilian farm and shipped right to your door — so why wait? Infuse your skin with the deep nourishment of Furtuna today.

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