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Fall’s Key Ingredient

Recognizing the importance of whole body nourishment, we included the precious Vitis vinifera in Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil to help protect and enhance skin, and a valuable addition to skin care. Nature’s youth savior, Vitis Vinifera, also known as the Common Grape, shields against free radicals and soothes skin. It contains the anti-aging antioxidant resveratrol, which is loaded with longevity nutrients for radiant, resilient skin.

Desired for its versatility, Vitis vinifera has been a compelling fruit favored by many for thousands of years. Dating back to 7,000 b.c., Vitis vinifera is believed to be native to the Mediterranean region and area near the Caspian Sea in southwestern Asia. This fruit has been harvested for its nutritional values and ability to benefit the body internally and externally. Vitis viniferas has a vast amount of uses, when eaten fresh it provides a sweet, desirable flavor, it’s intimately responsible for the birth of wine, and is rich in phenols to protect and repair.

A resourceful fruit, Vitis vinifera is mostly known for it’s high content of resveratrol to protect skin from negative influences and brighten skin’s overall tone. As a powerful polyphenol, key antioxidant, resveratrol boasts whole body benefits and helps fend off aggressors that adversely impact the skin.

Enriched with anthocyanins that provide the deep, vivid color, wild species ripen from a dark purple to blackish color. Anthocyanins protect the grapes from environmental aggressors such as UV and sun damage. Always learning from nature, we were inspired by Vitis vinifera's natural abilities to adapt and protect itself. Including this powerful, potent fruit in our Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil to fortify the skin, defend its surface barrier, and rejuvenate skin’s complexion. 


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