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The Edit with Vanessa Barboni Hallik

A Leader Making True Change in Fashion

For Earth Month, we’re honored to sit down with someone who lives, breathes, and builds a better future for a planet every day of each year. Furtuna Skin Muse, Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Founder & CEO of Another Tomorrow. The the financier-turned-founder was surprised to learn how impactful the fashion industry is on the planet and on activism. She’s turned her life’s work into her sustainable luxury clothing brand that uses fashion as a vehicle for activism.

“My mission is to create a truly sustainable and compassionate company with a three-pronged approach of providing a foundational wardrobe of ethically and responsibly made clothing, education, and a platform for activism to amplify our collective voices.”

Another Tomorrow is a B-Corp certified, sustainable luxury brand launched in
2020 with a vision for reinventing luxury at the intersection of high integrity
design, sustainability and innovation.

Every decision they make has been guided by a value system based on three pillars -human, animal and environmental
welfare - with a unique digital ID providing each piece’s supply chain transparency and authenticity.

We’re so grateful to introduce our Earth-minded readers to this beautiful, timeless brand during a time where Sustainability is often tossed around like a throw away buzz word. They’re truly doing the work.

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Why do you think regenerative practices are important for businesses to implement?

Regenerative practices are those that restore our planet’s natural balance and ecosystems. We have been living beyond our planetary boundaries for so long, extracting more than the Earth can sustainably give, and it is now critical we go past “do no harm” to actively restore and create business models that actively incorporate regeneration.

This is absolutely possible. It requires collaboration, science, vision - and crucially, commitment.


What changes do you hope to see in the fashion and beauty industries?

I would start with visionary leadership by CEOs in both industries. I use the word vision a lot as we have been operating in the mode of profit-maximization with a willingness to accept very high costs to our well-being for so long that I think it is difficult for many people to see a viable new path with positive economic and impact outcomes.

The kind of creativity required comes from accepting the constraint that we just can’t do business as usual anymore; we are entering a new era. Which is incredibly exciting once you embrace it.

And so I believe leaders have a unique opportunity to demonstrate visionary new business models that bring their companies back into alignment with the planet while creating resiliency for their businesses to thrive in an uncertain world. When they do, their industry peers will follow. There are some incredibly exciting new models being built by people who accept the need for this type of change and think outside the constraints of what we think we “know.”

That is one type of leadership by example. However every single person on this planet is a leader as well in our daily lives and I likewise see tremendous opportunity here.

We are deeply in need of a culture/values shift, and that is an area where each of us can participate. As citizens our votes create the political conditions for better legislation to regulate both industries, as consumers we allocate capital to businesses with what we buy as our money fuels their businesses and as communicators in our daily lives we can share our knowledge. Each of us can take simple steps to move us away from the normalization of mass consumption of products that are literally built to be disposable, ask for better rules that protect the planet and share what we are learning, with curiosity and empathy, with one another.


If you could recommend one planet-minded change or process for all businesses to implement, what would it be?

Circularity. We need business models that minimize the need to constantly utilize new resources.

Walk us through some of your rituals for skin and wellness longevity:

My routine is extremely simple. Wellness for me is anchored in my Vedic meditation practice, the very first thing I do every day. This creates connection both within myself and with the universal energy we all share. It’s become like brushing my teeth, I just can’t skip it. Ideally I also practice in the afternoon, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t get it in until bedtime.

I would love to say that I work out routinely. I know I should - and feel so much better when I do - but it’s one part of my life that I have let slip in the intensity of work. My physical anchors are swimming in the ocean year-round (I now force myself to go in daily even in winter when I am at our home at the beach), one dance class per week and one yoga practice. All of this generally happens on the weekend.

My skin care routine is very bare bones and consists of washing my face and applying sunscreen and some light eye make-up in the morning. And in the evening the same, followed by either nothing or an oil or night cream. I definitely got this from my mother who used the same three products her whole life.



Cleansing Oil Balm

Nightly Renewal Cream

Biphase Moisturizing Oil



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