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Can You Drink Olive Oil? 3 Hidden Benefits

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: You are what you eat. The saying may be old, but that doesn’t make it outdated. The food you eat fuels your entire body, so it’s important to make smart choices for your digestive health. For many people, that includes drinking olive oil. 

Your skin is covered in millions of skin cells that, like the rest of your body, need healthy foods to survive. Without the proper nutrition, your skin suffers at a cellular level, leading to cosmetic and structural problems. To prevent skin problems, supplement your diet with extra virgin, organic olive oil.

What Makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Beneficial for Your Skin?

Extra virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants that support skin health. From healthy fats to powerful polyphenols, extra virgin olive oil contains all the ingredients needed for a balanced diet specific to your skin.


Especially strong in extra virgin olive oil (otherwise called EVOO), polyphenols are one of the most powerful nutrients olive oil has to offer. Designed to support your metabolism, polyphenols are strong antioxidants that work with your body’s proteins to protect against skin aging. 

Polyphenols help fight free radical damage and defend against collagen breakdown, paving the way to a youthful and glowing complexion in the process. 

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)

Polyunsaturated fats are fatty acid chains that contain more than one double bond in their backbone. Because of this added strength, PUFAs are an essential building block for your skin barrier. These acids function at a cellular level, working deep within your skin’s moisture barrier to lock in hydration and reduce signs of aging. 

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA)

But PUFAs aren’t the only powerful fatty acids in olive oil. Monounsaturated fatty acids, while short that extra double bond, are just as powerful in protecting your skin. 

Specializing in defense, similar to polyphenols, MUFAs such as oleic acid are known to help ease oxidative stress in the skin, targeting free radicals that break down important collagen stores. A key player in reducing your risk of photoaging, these acids are essential to a healthy diet for your skin. 

Are All Olive Oils the Same?

Full of healthy fats and strong antioxidants, the benefits of drinking olive oil are plain to see. But that doesn’t mean you can strengthen your skin with a swig of just any oil. When supplementing your diet with olive oil, it’s important to select the best option for your skin. 

How Is Furtuna Skin Extra Virgin Olive Oil Different?

Furtuna Skin’s high-quality, organic olive oil is designed to transform your skin. Unlike regular cooking oils that are stripped of their best nutrients during refinement, our EVOO retains the original potency of olives. 

With up to 325 mg/kg of powerful polyphenols and no more than 0.2% of damaging free acids, Furtuna Skin organic extra virgin olive oil is unlike any other.

Is It Safe To Drink Olive Oil?

There’s a reason olive oil is so prominent in the best dishes of the Mediterranean region. Olive oil absorbed by your digestive system offers many benefits for skin health that supplement your regular skincare. 

While also opening up new pathways for your body to soak up essential fats and acids, EVOO fits the dietary guidelines of every healthy diet out there, not just Mediterranean diets. With benefits you can see and feel, drinking olive oil daily is as nutritious as it is tasty. 

What Are Hidden Skin Benefits of Drinking Olive Oil?

From maintaining healthy blood sugar levels to supporting cardiovascular health, many of the potential benefits of olive oil (for your heart health and otherwise) are obvious. But what about the lesser-known benefits? 

When it comes to the benefits of drinking olive oil, skin health is at the top of the list. 

1. Supports a Healthy Skin Barrier

Skin is the body’s first line of defense against infection. To prevent pathogens and harmful bacteria from getting in, your skin must maintain a strong barrier. By padding itself with strong proteins and thick lipids, your skin creates an impenetrable barrier from the outside world. 

Olive oil helps fuel this barrier by providing the right construction materials. Compounds like polyphenols and oleocanthal act as building blocks for the skin, strengthening your epidermis and supporting a healthy skin barrier. 

2. Supports Skin Lubrication

But these building blocks are only one part of your skin’s defense. 

To maintain a healthy skin barrier (and a glowy complexion), moisturization is key. Your skin naturally produces oils like sebum that perform this task, but sometimes it needs a little extra support. To strengthen your natural sebum supply, extra virgin olive oil can deliver reserves of fatty acids that lock moisture into the skin. By preventing trans-epidermal water loss, extra virgin olive oil supports skin lubrication for a dewy, ageless look. 

3. Supports a Healthy Gut

There are two key delivery methods when supplementing your skin with olive oil. The first is through topical application to the skin. Facial oils powered by EVOO can distribute nutrition straight to the surface of the skin. But it is only so effective. To get the most out of olive oil, you also need to send nutrients through the body. 

The second method of delivery is drinking olive oil. When taken on an empty stomach, extra virgin olive oil may help improve nutrient absorption across the body. Even a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning can deliver building blocks to the skin. By supporting your gut’s microbiome, you also support your skin. 

Does Olive Oil Potency Matter?

Like with any ingredient, the potential health benefits of olive oil depend on its potency. That’s why Furtuna Skin prioritizes potency in our formulation. To draw the best benefits olives, have to offer, we treat the plants with utmost care. 

Hand-picked by local farmers and pressed within hours, our organic, extra virgin olive oil boasts the best nutrient profile Italy has to offer, making it highly potent for your skin. 

What Olive Oil Should I Choose To Drink?

Drinking olive oil every day can lead to amazing benefits over time, but only if you choose the right one. The power of Furtuna Skin extra virgin olive oil is apparent in its taste. Oils with stronger flavors have stronger nutrient profiles, making them better for your skin. Measured by the strength of its bitterness, fruitiness, and pungency, the strength of our olive oil is obvious from the first sip. 

The Bottom Line

So, is olive oil safe to drink? Yes! 

There are many ways to incorporate olive oil into your daily life, including drinking it. Some people may use skincare products made with EVOO at night, while others will prefer to add a spoonful of olive oil to their breakfast each morning. Some will even do both! However, you choose to take the supplement, no one can deny the skin health benefits of olive oil. 


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