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The Benefits of High-Grade Olive Oil

As you all know, Furtuna Skin thrives on olive oil. I consider it as my go-to skincare ingredient. While everyone loves olive oil for creating decadent and delicious meals, its skin benefits aren’t as chatted about. Well, I’m here to tell you they should be! Read on to find out everything you need to know about high-grade olive oil and why it’s such a powerful and beneficial ingredient for skin.


Moisturizing Power

Have you ever noticed how velvety smooth olive oil is? Well, imagine that softness being infused into your skin--I can’t get enough of the feeling. The texture is just as soothing and sensual as you could imagine. Olive oil is a powerful moisturizing agent, and it has an amazing absorbent ability to just slip into skin. Plus, it also helps maintain that moisture, which balances out hydration levels in your skin. I can’t stand the feeling of dehydrated skin and I’m sure you can’t either, so if you’re struggling with dryness, it’s definitely time to consider olive oil.

Olive Oil

Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins

I’ve always praised antioxidants for their skin benefits, and olive oil contains some of the most effective free radical fighters. Its antioxidant properties help protect skin from UV damage while its high oleic concentration helps repair damage that has already been done. (It’s important to note, however, that just because it contains antioxidants that protect your skin, olive oil is not a replacement for sunscreen.) Its high vitamin content nourishes your skin with essential nutrients that you may not get through your everyday diet or other skincare products.



It’s not always easy to find good-for-skin ingredients that fight bacteria but olive oil is known for its exceptional purifying powers. For those who have sensitivities and are prone to acne, it’s important to remove any trouble-making bacteria from skin. Olive oil can help fight the bacteria that causes problem skin -- studies have shown a decrease in acne production. My skin feels extra clean after using olive oil-based products, as it really has the ability to draw out those impurities. Squeaky clean and hydrated--what more can you ask for?

Face and Eye Serum

Since the beginning of our Furtuna Skin journey, we have taken great pride in offering you the very best products, made with olive oil as a featured ingredient. We’ve worked closely with our resident botanist, an olive oil expert, who has tracked over 50 medicinal wild herbs, 500 unique plants and more than 12,000 olive trees. The team is very meticulous and formulates with our own exclusive organic olive oil, harvested from our estate trees, and proprietary olive leaf water from our pruned leaves. We use the Soundbath™ Extraction Method to gently extract the nutrients of our botanically-infused olive oil for the most transformative skincare results. Get ready to experience the best skin of your life with products that are part of my daily life, from our cleansing essence to our serum and more. I can ensure that you’re getting the best of the best.


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The best products I have ever used! I love the serum. It has completely transformed my skin!