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How We Target Dullness, Discoloration, and Dark Circles

The thin, delicate skin around eyes is prone to dark circles, dullness, puffiness, bags and lines that make you tired no matter how much sleep you get. We spared no expense to develop an eye cream that addresses your every concern while being safe to use over the extended eye area.

A breakthrough in brightening, our Spectrum of Light System in the Eye Revitalizing Cream targets the spectrum of underlying conditions that interfere with light and luminosity: tonal discoloration, dullness and dark shadows. Natural skin hydrators and brighteners help reduce these concerns to light up the entire eye area for a freshly awakened appearance.

Our breakthrough formula harnesses the power of 40+ ancient plants like Lilac stem cells, to bring you our new Spectrum of Light skincare technology. This radical, new approach comprehensively illuminates eyes by hydrating and plumping our most delicate skin area, visibly reducing the look of puffiness and by fighting all five forms of discoloration: black-brown, purple-blue and red.”

- Kim Walls, Co-Founder & CEO

Targets brown-black discoloration with botanicals known to brighten and lighten the appearance of pigmented dark circles. Rare Nigella damascena and hawthorn flowers combine forces with Lilac Stem Cells, which contain verbascoside, known to curtail the effect of certain agents that cause dark tones under eyes.

Targets purple-blue discoloration with hawthorne, dandelion, daisy and Coffea arabica which promote natural circulation flow to brighten and boost radiance plus chicory to encourage skin’s natural collagen production for better skin density. As we age, skin loses collagen and grows thinner, causing the veins under eyes to show through more.

Targets red discoloration with Nigella damascena and Lilac Stem Cells, soothing botanicals that help reduce the appearance of compromised, sensitized skin.

Illuminates as it protects with artichoke and nettle leaf, two Vitamin C-rich botanicals that boost skin’s radiance while defending against dulling pollution.

Perfects skin texture and plumps up sunken, hallowed areas under the eyes with an ultra-moisturizing trifecta of hyaluronic acid, olive oil and mallow to provide a smooth, flawless surface for enhanced light reflection off skin.

Unlock the brightening power of our Spectrum of Light System inside our Visione di Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream.


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