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Beauty inspired by Nature with Victoria Roggio

Victoria Roggio is one of the most desired luxury bridal make-up artists in the industry and the founder of the newest clean beauty boutique in Philadelphia, Victoria Roggio Beauty.  Born and raised in Moldova, she moved to the states in 2010 and started her journey in the beauty industry. After nearly a decade, she has made a name for herself as a go-to expert on clean beauty with a strong belief that the key to a beautiful look is not applying loads of makeup, but using the proper techniques and taking care to prepare the skin beforehand. 
We sat down with Victoria to find out more about what inspired her to go into beauty, and her passion for clean skincare as the foundation to her signature glowing looks. 

What are some examples of rituals that help you feel your best + achieve your life’s purpose? 
Spending time in nature with my children, exploring the beauty that surrounds us and teaching them to appreciate nature’s beauty. Plants, flowers, leaves, trees, grass, colors, skylines, water, sounds of nature... 
it all makes me feel alive and inspired.
What skincare or beauty memory comes to mind from your childhood?
I have fond memories of my grandmother making her own skincare from flowers and plants growing in her garden and foraging together in the Caucasus region of Russia. She would bathe me in the herbs and rinse my hair with vinegar. 
I learned my first makeup tips and techniques from my stunning mother Marina- a theater makeup artist, she was my first mentor and such an inspiration to who I am today. My mother also taught me to make my first facial toner using Calendula and DIY face masks with aloe, honey, and  sour cream.
At what age did you really start prioritizing your skincare? What made you do it? 
I was a teenager, I believe around 14 years old, struggling with hormonal acne… I really wanted to heal my skin. I would try homemade masks or research the best products available at that time. I wish Furtuna Skin was available back then!
What age did you feel the most beautiful? And Why?
During my first pregnancy with my son Leon (he just turned 5 years old), I felt like a blossoming flower. It was an unconventional yet empowering form of beauty that I hope all expecting women can tap into.
Also, now. I try to live in the moment. I feel more confident in my skin now and embrace natural beauty including the imperfections. 
Define great skin in 3 words. 
Glowing, healthy & hydrated 
Why is Clean Beauty important to you? 
Clean beauty is so important to me because I care about the environment and the world we live in. I want to feel safe kissing my babies and knowing that the products used are non toxic, mindfully created and produced without any harmful ingredients. 
Clean beauty, to me, is a lifestyle… it is all about everything we eat, how we live our lives and the products we choose to use in our routine, whether it is your bath or skincare ritual.  I do my best to be eco conscious on a daily basis. I am constantly learning and educating myself and those I am surrounded by. My kids know the importance of recycling, because I taught them from an early age.
The VRB space is being built as eco consciously as possible and it has a lot of character because we intentionally chose salvaged and repurposed elements to compliment the original historical details of the building itself.
What is your favorite Skincare with Make-up Tip?  
I am obsessed with mixing the Furtuna Biphase Serum into foundation or tinted moisturizer for extra glow and dewiness.
What's your favorite Furtuna Skin product? 
Definitely the Eye & Face Serum &  Biphase Oil. I can't just choose one… honestly, I love them all for different reasons.
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