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10 Best Luxury Birthday Gifts for Her

She’s already got the latest Apple iPhone and AirPods, and attempting to get her anything from Nordstrom would be like shopping in her closet. You need a luxury gift for your girl that is thoughtful and unexpected — and is also something she doesn’t already own. 

For the gal that has it all, we’ve assembled the ultimate gift guide of the best luxury gifts you can offer her. Get ready to splurge as we reveal our top ten best luxury gifts for the birthday girl. 

1. Cashmere With a Cause

It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t love the luxe feel of soft cashmere, but the sad reality is that cashmere is animal fur. Plush goat undercoat is the main component of the buttery soft cardigans that adorn the racks in luxury fur stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sellers of so-called ethically sourced cashmere claim that they take it from the combed hair of goats and that the process doesn’t harm the animals. However, this often means that the goats are bred for their fur and kept in spaces too small to live as they would in nature.

Your girl has a heart as big as her smile, and you know that anything from an animal is a no-go for her. Opt instead for the luxurious feel of “vegetable cashmere.” This soy fabric feels and looks like cashmere and saves animals from being farmed for their fur. It’s a gift that will keep her conscience happy and her body warm and comfy.

2. Silk Pillowcases

A pillowcase may not top your list of luxury gift ideas, but we assure you –a silk pillowcase is much more than a simple cover for her pillow.

Nighttime beauty routines often include serums and creams that help leave her skin restored and rejuvenated. The problem is, your girl’s favorite Egyptian cotton pillowcase could be absorbing some of the skin treatments she uses at night and can even cause her to wake with weird lines and wrinkles on her face from overnight creasing.

Enter the silk pillowcase, a beauty gift that does double duty. Silk won’t absorb her skincare products and will move with her skin, minimizing creasing so that she doesn’t wake up with pillow marks. 

For the very best, look for silk pillowcases that are machine washable, which will save her the headache of handwashing or sending it to the cleaners. 

3. Scent-ual Gifts

If a vial of her favorite Eau de parfum seems trite, consider upgrading the gift of scent to something more luxurious and practical. Diffusers and candles can keep her entire living space filled with gentle, aromatic vibes that can help her relax and practice self-care. 

Check out specialty boutiques and worldwide designers who specialize in the highest quality diffusing oils and candle scents. A gift that keeps on giving every time she enters a room? Done.

4. A Better Carry-On

Have a jet-setting spouse or an on-the-go girlfriend? Upgrade her travel with a carry-on that gets them in and out of the airport faster and with less fuss. For example, carry-ons that feature spinner wheels make it easy to navigate security lines and tight airplane aisles. 

Aluminum construction makes a carry-on less likely to become damaged en route and a bit easier to spot. For an even better gift, toss in a voucher for travel or an easily recognizable luggage tag in case she ever has to gate-check her bag on a crowded flight. 

5. The Ultimate Tote Bag

She might have shelves full of Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Prada, but there is always room for more. Another handbag might not be the solution, but a large tote bag is a luxury gift that she’ll use over and over again. 

Crossbody bags and shoulder bags are cute and practical options for totes, with the main focus being the size and shape of the bag. A great tote bag has a wide top that is easy to fill and a few inside compartments for smaller items. 

Tote bags work for busy moms who carry numerous kid-related items and for the working woman who always needs access to large files and her laptop. No matter her role, a luxury tote bag is a true win. 

6. Not Just Another Pair of Pajamas

The perfect gift might just be another of something she already has. If she’s been wearing the same pajama set weekly, that’s a good indication she loves them. Luxury pajamas don’t have to come in expensive fabrics. Find the style and feel she appreciates most and double down by finding them in her favorite colors or prints. 

To level up the gift, opt for a monogram. Nothing says luxury like a pair of pajamas that are recognizably hers. 

7.  A Diamond

It goes without saying that a diamond is the most luxurious gemstone you can gift her. Diamonds aren’t just for popping the big question — they can fit any occasion. A diamond necklace or set of earrings is a gift that she will have for a lifetime and can even become an heirloom in her family. 

Can’t quite get your hands on a Cartier? That's okay. When selecting a diamond, quality and clarity are more important than size or designer. Another consideration? The setting and its precious metal. 

If you’re giving the gift of a larger rock, try scaling back on the metal setting. For instance, 24 karat white gold is more cost-effective than platinum and still just as beautiful. 

8. Better Bluetooth

Know a tech-savvy lady who loves the streamlined convenience of voice recognition and wireless everything? Consider upgrading her current Bluetooth devices to something better. Her living room can become the setting for the ultimate viewing party or karaoke night with a high-tech Bluetooth speaker. 

If you’re wondering which one is the best, look for a speaker with surround sound technology, plenty of power, and a rose gold leaf wrapping that makes it more a work of art than a tech object. It’s no secret that rose gold is the height of luxury.

9. A Gift Card

It may sound impersonal, but some girls prefer the power of their own decisions. A gift card to her favorite store like Chanel or Burberry is a guaranteed success – after all, no one knows her tastes the way she does. Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, a gift card can become an elegant gift – especially if given with the promise of a personal shopping trip.

Want to level up the luxury? Try a gift card from a boutique only available in a particular city. A destination mini break to New York City to spend the gift card? Yes, please!

10. Skincare

Taking care of her skin is important, and she and her skin will thank you for the gift of luxury skincare products. 

At Furtuna Skin, we make it easy to give the gift of luxury skincare. Our products are all sustainably sourced and ethically farmed, many on our 800+acre private farm in Sicily. Our award-winning, single-origin, organic extra virgin olive oil is at the foundation of our products. 

Olive oil is rich in vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants to help restore, rejuvenate, and re-enliven the skin. 

Make skin care giftable by giving one of our gift sets. 

Furtuna Skin Transformation Set. This set features our Micellar Cleansing Essence, Face and Eye Serum, and Biphase Moisturizing Oil; conveniently, all the products needed to create an uncomplicated yet highly effective skincare routine. 

Loaded with plant botanicals and oils, these products work together synergistically to help keep your skin hydrated and protected and to help support your skin against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. 

Furtuna Skin Custom Discovery Set. Do you want to give her a taste of all the most potent plant-based products we offer? The bestselling Custom Discovery Set features travel-sized versions of our:

  • Micellar Cleansing Essence
  • Face & Eye Serum
  • Biphase Moisturizing Oil
  • Replenishing Balm
  • Eye Revitalizing Cream
  • Daily Renewal Cream
  • Nightly Renewal Cream

This collection is the perfect gift for a woman that wants to know all of her options. These products feature rich, plant-based oils and extracts that improve skin texture, tone, and overall appearance.

The Very Best Gifts for the Very Best Girl

Your girl is special, and you want her to know it. When the occasion calls for luxury, look to our gift guide to help you make the perfect decision. Furtuna Skin is the perfect solution for giving the gift of luxury wrapped up in a package that is thoughtful, powerfully potent, and highly effective in helping her get skin that’s as radiant as her personality. 


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