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3 Step Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Skin that is itchy, stressed, and hard to manage can make it impossible to find products that work. At Furtuna Skin, we specialize in helping all skin types achieve the highest level of health and radiance. 

Together, we’ll talk about sensitive skin, how to treat it, and give you a simple, three-step skincare routine to help settle down irritation. 

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is skin that develops an inflammatory response to environmental stressors, products, or lifestyle changes but rarely needs a clinical diagnosis. In other words, if you feel like no matter what you use or do, you always end up with red, irritated, itchy, or blemish-prone skin, you’re probably dealing with sensitive skin. 

Sensitive skin can make it difficult to find the right products to use, and most people with sensitive skin are wary of trying anything new for fear of a breakout or flare-up. 

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Genetics plays a huge role in whether or not your skin will be sensitive. If you have close relatives with sensitive skin, you are more likely to have it. 

Other factors can cause your skin to be sensitive.

  • Skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema
  • Allergens, like harsh soaps or detergents
  • Environmental irritants like pollution, sun exposure, or certain types of pollen
  • Harsh, synthetic (non-natural) product ingredients 

What Are Symptoms of Sensitive Skin?

If you have skin sensitivity, you probably already know it. However, if you’ve recently developed slightly higher-maintenance skin, it can be hard to know if you’ve been exposed to an allergen or developed sensitive skin. 

Sensitive skin symptoms include:

  • Redness or swelling on areas of the kin
  • Itching, peeling, or flaking
  • Stinging or burning (without obvious causes like too much sun)
  • Rashes, blemishes, or breakouts
  • Areas of rough skin that feel bumpy, dry, or hard
  • Dry skin patches that never go away

Thankfully, there are ways to bring your skin back to balance and help it thrive. 

How Can I Soothe Sensitive Skin?

For skin that’s a little dramatic, you need gentle and soothing ingredients that are still powerful enough to ease irritation. In addition, it’s important to avoid ingredients that are known skin irritants. That usually means switching from traditional skincare to natural, clean skincare products. 

What Ingredients Should I Use?

Nature provides everything your skin needs to thrive, including vitamins, minerals, and a variety of essential oils and plant botanicals that are gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. At the foundation of every Furtuna Skin product, you’ll find our single-source, organic extra virgin olive oil. 

Olive oil contains an important phenol called oleocanthal, which has a soothing effect on the skin and gives relief to irritation and skin stress. It’s also loaded with essential fatty acids to help protect your skin barrier. A strong skin barrier is key to keeping skin hydrated and protecting it against external stressors that could cause your skin to react. 

What Ingredients Should I Avoid?

Unfortunately, many traditional skincare products (even ones designed to help treat sensitive skin) contain ingredients that are known skin irritants. Synthetic preservatives, like parabens, glycol ethers, and aldehydes are known to irritate skin and can be found in virtually every traditional skincare product on the market. 

Additionally, ingredients like mineral oil and paraffin are often added to products to help keep moisture inside the skin barrier. Still, these ingredients are byproducts of coal mining and known endocrine disruptors and skin irritants. 

The solution? Plant-based alternatives that are potent yet gentle on the skin. 

Three Step Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin Types

The most important factor in selecting skincare products for sensitive skin is keeping it simple and uncomplicated. Skincare for sensitive skin should include proactive ingredients that work to promote skin health and restoration. 

This simple, three-step routine can help soothe irritation, protect the skin barrier, and restore skin to its natural homeostasis. 

  • Cleanse. Harsh soaps and exfoliating scrubs can leave sensitive skin feeling raw and uncomfortable. Furtuna Skin Micellar Cleansing Essence uses olive oil-enriched micelles to gently lift away dirt and oil while delivering a soothing blend of plant botanicals to ensure natural moisture levels are supported. 
  • Treat. Even sensitive skin deserves a high-quality serum, but some serums contain synthetic ingredients that can cause your skin to stress. Furtuna Skin Face and Eye Serum is a one-stop shop for skin illumination, hydration, and protection that doesn’t contain any harsh, synthetic ingredients. Our serum contains clean, natural, organic ingredients that work synergistically with each other to help soothe skin, protect it with powerful antioxidants, and protect moisture loss from the skin barrier. 
  • Hydrate. It can be hard to find the perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin. Facial oils are the perfect solution for delivering gentle yet potent ingredients that soothe and deeply hydrate. Furtuna Skin Biphase Moisturizing Oil helps stimulate collagen production deep within the skin and creates an occlusive layer of protection on the skin to help keep moisture locked in tight. Including our Splendore Anchusa® Complex that’s cinically proven to block free radical damage by 100%, it also contains plant compounds that help defend against digital blue light.

Skincare for sensitive skin in an easy-to-follow, three-step system? Furtuna Skin delivers products that are designed to help skin radiate health and wellness. 

The Future Is Furtuna

It’s hard to understand how to treat sensitive skin. If you’ve been avoiding new products because you’re afraid of how your skin will react, you can come out of hiding. Natural, clean, organic plant-based ingredients are designed to deliver soothing qualities that help stressed skin settle down. 

For skin that’s going through an identity crisis, Furtuna Skin offers the highest quality, natural skincare products that deliver noticeable results. 


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