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Our Commitment to Black Equality

We created Furtuna Skin to be transformative. That commitment goes beyond skincare. As part of the foundation of our brand, we stand unequivocally with the Black community and are dedicated to participating in the fight against individual and institutionalized racism.

As a young brand with a small, impassioned team, we hold ourselves accountable to them, and to the world that, as we grow we will put standards in writing and be transparent with updates and reporting. We actively support equality for the Black community with full, conscious and unified intention.

We commit to these goals immediately:

    • minimum of 25% of our partnership budgets will be used to work with BIPOC partners, creators, vendors and black owned businesses
    • minimum of 25% of BIPOC representation in our content and in our team of creatives, both on camera and behind it
    • implementation of employee hiring and retention initiatives that support BIPOC equality
    • uphold a zero tolerance policy against racist behavior, regardless of intention

    Additionally, we’re committed to proactively promoting and measuring inclusivity, equality, and diversity as a whole, recognizing that there is more work to be done.

    We are engaging in and encouraging open communication avenues to actively share anti-racism resources, volunteer, and donation opportunities - as well as providing paid time off for our employees to pursue them. As founders and leaders of Furtuna Skin, we are committed to finding ways we can learn more, be better, and do more in the fight against racism, and to ensure that those values are not lost as time passes. The work is far from finished. This is just the beginning.

    Agatha Luczo & Kim Walls


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    Nadia Ward

    Reading your company’s commitment Black equality encouraged me to try your skin care products.