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A Message from Our Founders

The impact of Covid-19 is concerning to all of us at Furtuna Skin as our goal now and always is to do what we can to help contribute to the welfare of the people and economic stability of Italy. We extend our deepest sympathies to anyone impacted by this virus.

We are proud to be providing employment to our Italian employees and partners. This is especially true in Sicily where unemployment can run as high as 50% in rural areas such as Corleone where our farm is based. (And where we are among the largest private employers).

We have been engaged with our friends, employees and partners since the first case was reported.

In this important time of unity and responsibility, we are ensuring that all of our employees and partners are following the governments proclamation to remain at home until April 3.

As an Italian brand, we're grateful that we have the ability to find ways to help those most in need. At Furtuna Skin, that means:

    • We are supporting those people directly impacted by the virus by donating 20% of all sales through May to the Italian medical community (specifically The Luigi Sacco Hospital and and The San Raffaele Hospital) and No Kid Hungry in the United States
    • We are supporting our team by ensuring that we continue to provide them with work. Everyone who is a part of our Furtuna family is still getting paid through this challenging time, and they’ll also have jobs to come back to. Over 95% of our team is Italian, which includes a broad range of contributors from skincare experts and biochemists to local Sicilian botanists and farmers who help forage the rare plants from the farm.
    • As you take care of each other, remember to take moments to take care of yourself. Your loved ones need you to stay healthy and happy. Our hope is that skin care can provide a moment of reprieve to people while they’re sheltering at home. Take the time to breath deeply, enjoy the stress-reducing benefits of lightly tapping and massaging products into your skin to stimulate your lymphatic system, and practice gratitude.⠀⠀

    Andra tutto bene (everything is going to be alright)


    -Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls 


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