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Sound Healing: The Sound of Skincare

Before you can take care of others, you have to take care of yourself. When life is at its hardest, one of the best things you can do is slow down and reconnect with your body. Whether we’re talking about self-care or skincare, prioritizing your mental health and well-being is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

At Furtuna Skin, we believe in the power of nature. Immersing yourself in the natural world is by far the best way to center your body, mind, and skin. And with the power of sound, reconnection is just a sound wave away. 

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient medicinal practice that draws on the power of sound and sound meditation to heal the human body naturally and ease stress levels. In a world full of chemical treatments and synthetic medicines, more traditional practices are often overlooked. But the benefits of sound therapy are obvious to those willing to experiment with different types of sound meditation. 

What Are Soundbaths?

Instead of immersing yourself in a tub of water, when you take a sound bath, you immerse yourself in sound. 

A type of sound healing therapy, soundbaths sessions are a full-body experience. Led by a trained sound healer, soundbaths invite you into a world of relaxing music played on ancient instruments. As the sound waves bounce around the room, healing vibrations penetrate your body, going deep within your skin to work their magic. 

What Are the Tools Used in Sound Healing?

When it comes to sound healing, the power is really in the instruments. After all, if not for them, how would you make the sounds? 

When you attend a professional sound healing session, there are a few tools you’re bound to see in the room. They each have very different purposes for your health, so understanding how each of them works is paramount in making the most of your mindfulness experience. 

Tuning Forks

Shaped much like the skewers you roast marshmallows on, tuning forks are two-pronged forks made to amplify and create sound. When struck by a mallet or another tuning fork, this instrument produces sound vibrations in the air that bounce between the fork’s prongs and produce sound. Set at a certain frequency depending on their size and material, tuning forks can balance the nervous system, reduce stress, and inspire relaxation. 


A staple of many traditional medicines, gongs are a key player in the sound healing symphony. These instruments are capable of emitting very powerful sound vibrations. They are known for their ability to clear blockages and redirect the flow of energy in the body, making them an essential sound therapy tool in chakra balancing treatments. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are perhaps the most popular instrument used in modern sound therapy. Inspired by ancient Mesopotamian medicinal practices, these crystal singing bowls are filled with different water levels to emit different sound waves. With the ability to reduce anxiety and increase spiritual well-being, it’s no wonder these bowls are still being used today. 

Solfeggio Frequencies

But sound therapy is about more than just a few instruments. When it comes to sound healing, it’s all about the frequency. 

Different types of sound have different effects on the body. The Solfeggio scale, also known to musicians as Solfege, is a series of eight pitches from which music is played. Popular in classical music, these pitches are usually represented as notes on a musical staff, but they each correspond to a unique frequency. 

When used intentionally by sound healers, these frequencies can transform the body — and the skin. 

Binaural Beat

Like soundbaths, binaural beats are a type of sound healing that utilizes the body’s natural ability to balance itself to recenter your mind. 

Did you know that your right and left ears do not hear exactly alike? When sounds are lower than 1,000 Hz, your ears will register a single sound wave as two distinct tones. This differential is described as the binaural beat. 

Though this type of sound therapy is still new, medical professionals are already identifying some of its benefits. For example, if you listen to certain binaural beats for extended periods of time, you may see improvements in your memory, sleep cycle, and mental health. 

What Are the Benefits of Sound Healing and Sound Baths in Skincare?

Sound healing sessions have the power to shift your body’s frequency for the better. The same goes for your skincare. By infusing your skincare with the power of sound, your products become potent — and therefore more effective. 

Immerse in Nature

Everybody knows that natural skincare is the way to go, but using wild ingredients isn’t always enough. To ensure you’re getting the most nature has to offer, how those ingredients are processed matters. 

All of Furtuna Skin’s products are made using our Soundbath® extraction method. An alternative to synthetic or chemical-based processes, our eco-friendly method uses the power of sound vibrations to extract the highest level of nutrients from our botanicals every time. With consistency you can count on, our skincare products harness the power of nature without overprocessing. 

Practice Intentions and Focus

But how does sound produce pure and potent plant extracts? The answer is in the good vibrations. 

Your brain produces four different types of brain waves, the slowest of which being delta waves. Most frequent during sleep, these low-frequency waves are gentle on your mind and are linked to healing benefits and improved brain activity

Our Soundbath® extraction method seeks to mimic your brain’s natural healing vibrations. Using the gentlest sound waves technology can produce, we are able to quickly extricate the bioactives and nutrients in our ingredients while they’re at full potency, wasting no time on synthetic solutions that degrade the plant’s natural power. 

How Could Sound Affect the Skin?

Like any self-care method, sound therapy has the power to improve your skin. Not only can its mental health benefits strengthen your self-confidence and relationship with your body, but sound waves can actually enhance the look of your skin. 

Sound waves can penetrate your skin and work deep within your body to balance your health. Sound wave therapy is known to support healthy blood pressure and blood and lymphatic flow in your skin, potentially leading to supple, younger-looking skin. 

How Can You Use Sound Healing in Your Skincare Routine?

Beyond attending regular sound bath sessions, you can incorporate elements of sound healing into your skincare routine by bringing the luxury home with you. Couple your Soundbath® sourced skincare products with an at-home facial massage using gua sha

With all the benefits of professional acupuncture available right from your bathroom, gua sha is a great way to elevate your skincare using the self-care benefits of sound. 

The Bottom Line

Just because humans no longer live in the forest doesn’t mean we should stop living off the land. From botanical wonders that better brain waves to powerful flowers that support your immune system, you can find the answer to all your skin’s concerns right in your backyard (or ours). 

Furtuna Skin’s products are made with ingredients from the land, not the lab. In the countryside of Sicily, our farm nourishes over 865 acres of Italian farmland so that its fruits can nourish your skin. When it comes to sustainably sourced ingredients and our Soundbath® extraction method, the sound of skincare is music to our ears. 


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