Why Are Extremophyte™ Plants So Potent?

We search the world for wildly potent Extremophyte™ plants because they provide the utmost potency and purity to make our rejuvenating results possible. These indomitable botanicals overcame harsh and extreme conditions in the environment — from severe winds, heat, and snow to volcanic eruptions and droughts — and became stronger in the process.

Through natural adaptation, they evolved into high-performance Extremophyte™ plants, boasting superpowers and supercharged nutrients. Many Extremophyte™ plants grow wild and are foraged in their natural habitat. Unassisted by man, they become stronger and more resilient by having to fend for themselves. These wild-foraged botanicals tend to be more powerful than their cultivated counterparts. By harnessing their powers, we are able to create more effective products.


La Furtuna Farm is a family-owned organic farm that’s home to centuries-old olive trees and Extremophyte™ plants that have been able to endure Sicily’s most extreme and unforgiving conditions from severe winds and scorching UV to volcanic eruptions and “vog” pollution. Grown on nutrient-rich soil that had been untouched for 400 years, fed by mineral spring waters and strengthened by their own supportive plant community, these supercharged botanicals became optimized for performance and evolved into Extremophyte™ plants that thrive where others cannot. Their adaptive response to an extremely harsh environment helped bolster their defense systems and boost their nutrient-rich phyto-compounds. By harnessing their highly developed defense systems, we are able to pass their resilience, protection and vitality onto skin.


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