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Benefits of High-Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Skin

As you all know, Furtuna Skin thrives on olive oil. I consider it as my go-to skincare ingredient. While everyone loves olive oil for creating decadent and delicious meals, its skin benefits aren’t as chatted about. Well, I’m here to tell you they should be! Read on to find out everything you need to know about high-grade olive oil and why it’s such a powerful and beneficial ingredient for skin.

What Are the Benefits of High-Grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Your skincare routine is important, and as any dermatologist can attest, the better you care for your skin, the better the condition of your skin will be. High-quality, organic extra-virgin olive oil farmed from the ancient olive trees on our farm is the foundation of all our products. Here’s why.

Moisturizing Power

Have you ever noticed how velvety smooth EVOO is? Well, imagine that softness being infused into your skin--I can’t get enough of the feeling. The texture is just as soothing and sensual as you could imagine. EVOO is a powerful moisturizing agent, and it has an amazing absorbent ability to just slip into skin. Plus, it also helps maintain that moisture, which balances out hydration levels in your skin. I can’t stand the feeling of dehydrated skin and I’m sure you can’t either, so if you’re struggling with dryness, it’s definitely time to consider EVOO.

Our Biphase Moisturizing Oil contains organic EVOO and squalane, a compound known for keeping skin incredibly hydrated. 

Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins

I’ve always praised antioxidants for their skin benefits, and EVOO contains some of the most effective free radical fighters. Its antioxidant properties help protect skin from UV damage while its high oleic concentration helps repair damage that has already been done. (It’s important to note, however, that just because it contains antioxidants that protect your skin, EVOO is not a replacement for sunscreen.) Its high vitamin content nourishes your skin with essential nutrients that you may not get through your everyday diet or other skincare products.

Antioxidants and polyphenols are some of the best ingredients you can use to get anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants help support your skin cells’ ability to regenerate properly, which can mean fewer fine lines and wrinkles long term. 


It’s not always easy to find good-for-skin ingredients that fight bacteria but EVOO is known for its exceptional purifying powers. For those who have sensitivities and are prone to acne, it’s important to remove any trouble-making bacteria from skin. EVOO can help fight the bacteria that causes problem skin -- studies have shown a decrease in acne production. My skin feels very refreshed after using EVOO-based products, as it really has the ability to draw out those impurities. Squeaky clean and hydrated--what more can you ask for?

Soothing for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types, we feel you. Literally. Rough, patchy, red, and rashy skin can be difficult to manage. Try to attack one problem and you end up with another because the product you used caused irritation. 

Of all the natural oils available for your skin, single-origin EVOO, like the kind you’ll find in every Furtuna Skin product, can help calm stressed-out skin. EVOO helps support the skin’s ability to regenerate by giving it added antioxidant protection and fortifying it with essential fatty acids.

Fatty acids help support a youthful-looking complexion even as your ability to produce collagen, the protein in your skin that helps you fight the signs of aging, declines with age. Using a product that combines EVOO and olive leaf water, like Furtuna Skin Biphase Moisturizing Oil, can give your skin the ability to fight off free radical damage and stay radiant. 

Our Biphase Oil provides a powerful combination to help soothe the skin in a single product that has a luxuriously soft, velvety feel and leaves skin feeling quenched better than any lotion

Versatile for All Skin Types

Avoiding products that contain oils is common for people who struggle with oily skin. Unfortunately, some of the very products marketed to help combat excess sebum have side effects like making your skin dry. 

Some oily skin types produce even more oil when they are dry, making an oily situation even oilier. Our solution? EVOO. Working synergistically with your skin, our EVOO helps balance skin’s moisture levels without clogging pores or leaving your skin feeling slippery.

While some face oils contain more chemicals than they do oils, our Biphase Moisturizing Oil contains a harmonious blend of EVOO, borage seed oil, and jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is closest in molecular structure to our skin’s natural sebum, making it easy to absorb and protect against skin conditions like blackheads, breakouts, and dryness. Borage seed oil is loaded with antioxidants to protect skin against light waves. It also contains gamma linolenic essential fatty acids to soothe dry skin.

Because EVOO works as both an emollient and a humectant, it works well for dry skin types. Emollients work to soften skin and smooth over rough patches, while humectants pull moisture from the air into the deep layers of your skin to help keep it hydrated. 

Protects Skin Integrity

The skin barrier consists of a tiny microbiome of flora that helps keep your skin healthy and fights off infections. EVOO helps prevent water loss in the skin barrier and encourages wellness by working to protect your skin from sun damage, pollutants, and external stressors.

How Should I Use High-Grade Olive Oil for Skin?

Because we infuse all our products with our single-origin, organic extra virgin olive oil, it’s easy to add high-grade EVOO to your skincare routine. We recommend a high-quality serum if you’re just starting with EVOO-based skincare. 

Furtuna Skin Face and Eye Serum is formulated with olive oil and 10 wild-foraged plants that work to give your skin a concentrated dose of vitamin-rich benefits. 

Is High-Grade Olive Oil Non-Comedogenic?

Before you think about adding the olive oil you picked up at the market to your skincare routine, remember that not all olive oil is created the same. At Furtuna Skin, our organic EVOO is created from the ancient trees that grow on our private farm. Even the soil in which the trees grow is some of the purest, undefiled ground in the region. 

We harvest and press the olives in a manner that preserves all the vitamins and nutrients, so your skin gets every bit of nature created.

From cleansers to balms to facial oils, our EVOO-based products won’t clog your pores, even if you have acne-prone skin

The Furtuna Skin Story

Since the beginning of our Furtuna Skin journey, we have taken great pride in offering you the very best products, made with organic EVOO as a featured ingredient. We’ve worked closely with our resident botanist, an olive oil expert, who has tracked over 50 medicinal wild herbs, 500 unique plants and more than 12,000 olive trees. The team is very meticulous and formulates with our own exclusive organic EVOO, harvested from our farm trees, and proprietary olive leaf water from our olive leaves. We use the Soundbath® Extraction Method to gently extract the nutrients of our botanically-infused ingredients for the most transformative skincare results. Get ready to experience the best skin of your life with products that are part of my daily life, from our cleansing essence to our serum and more. I can ensure that you’re getting the best of the best.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of olive oil for your skin are numerous, and you’ll see results soon after you begin using products crafted from the highest and purest grade EVOO available. Furtuna Skin makes it easy for you to include high-quality EVO in your skincare routine by providing products that work for any skin type


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