Discover Our Secret Weapon for Skin: Olive Leaf Water

It’s no coincidence that the olive tree is a symbol of health and longevity. Every part of the olive is packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that provide vitality and nourishment for health and well-being. The Mediterranean diet showcased the wonders of olive oil and now scientific research is shining a spotlight on the nutraceutical benefits of olive leaf. Modern science is confirming what ancient healers already knew: that olive leaf is a source of wellness and protection.


If you were to walk past the gates of La Furtuna Farm, you would be greeted by a beautiful vista of 12,000 mighty olive trees, some of which are up to 1500 years old. The farm’s rich soils and pure mineral streams have nourished the trees, aiding the healthy development of their fruits and leaves. Every January, our resident botanist Mimmo and his team of plant experts prune the branches of the trees to create an opening for sunlight to enter the center to improve the fruiting. The crew collects the leaves for our skincare blends.

In keeping with our farm’s no-waste philosophy, we make use of the whole entire olive. From fruit to frond, we utilize each and every nutritional part. Olive leaves are incredibly beneficial to skin because they contain many protective antioxidant phenols, skin-worthy nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties.


Our team of botanists and chemists worked together with our founders, Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls, to find the perfect use for these special olive leaves. They were able to give the leaf a new life as an exclusive botanical water for our water-based natural skincare formulas. We make our nutrient-rich olive leaf water from scratch. Once we collect the organic olive leaves from our Farm trees, we immerse them in hydro-glycerin for a quick extraction of phenolic content via our Soundbath™ Extraction Method. This pioneering technology utilizes sound waves to protect the bioactives, retaining the full potency of antioxidants and nutrients from the extracted ingredients.

We use the olive leaf Soundbath™ infusion that we extracted as a delivery system base for our formulas instead of plain water because it amplifies the nutrients available for skin. A major differentiator for Furtuna Skin, our olive leaf infusion protects with powerful antioxidants as it quenches with moisture. It’s a bioactive superdrink for skin.


A remarkable multi-tasker, olive leaves offer many a beauty benefit from blocking free radicals to battling inflammation. They boast the highest free radical scavenging power among all the different parts of the olive tree and provide a synergistic antioxidant effect thanks to the combined forces of flavonoids, phenols and oleuropein. Oleuropein is a powerful phyto-nutrient known to purify, protect and calm skin. It is responsible for the anti-inflammatory ability of olive leaf to soothe irritation and facilitate healing. In addition, olive leaves contain Hydroxytyrosol, a phyto-compound with some of the highest antioxidant properties ever discovered.


Our proprietary olive leaf water protects skin against damage from environmental stressors and we proved it. In antioxidant potency tests on skin cells at our Princeton lab facility, our exclusive olive leaf water inhibits free radical formation and blocks free radical damage by 100%.


With innovation as our trademark, we seek to transcend the boundaries of skincare to create something boldly better and different. During development, we meticulously craft our formulas from the finest materials, examining every element to make sure they’re as effective as can be. When developing our formula base, we asked ourselves why use plain water as a delivery system when we could use our own antioxidant-packed water to amplify the nutrients available for skin? Leave it to Furtuna Skin to transform something as simple as water into something transformative for skin!


Experience the transformative effects of our special olive leaf water, which is inside three of our organic skincare essentials: Acqua Serene Micellar Cleansing Essence, a cleanser and toner in one that removes impurities, balances pH and soothes for a radiantly bright complexion. Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum, a supercharged serum for the face and eye area that lifts, depuffs, evens tone and protects for an instant glowing transformation. Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil, a two-in-one bioactive blend for plumping moisture, antioxidant protection, barrier repair and a boost of pro-collagen vitamin C.

Discover the benefits of olive leaf water, our secret weapon for skin.


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