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The power of language & Optimism with Dr. Deepika Chopra

The purpose behind our rituals can affect the power they have. Setting a clear and sincere intention is like magic. It is not passive and requires us to put some personal oomph into actualizing them. Like all good things, we should always revisit our rituals to ensure they're best serving us and helping us feel most in tune with our purpose.

This month, we’re pairing our most meaningful wellness rituals with some of our favorite female-founded brands to bring you education on intention setting, body movement, language, gratitude and the importance of crafting rituals that feel good and best serve your mind, body, soul & skin.

Deepika Chopra, OPTIMISM DOCTOR® and founder of Things Are Looking Up™, specializes in what she has coined, "evidence based manifestation". Her work has been featured in Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, VOGUE, GOOP, Variety, E!, NBC, and more. Dr. Chopra specializes in bridging together holistic practices and evidence based science to cultivate self mastery tools that help people create their own sense of lasting happiness, resiliency, optimism and success.

We sat down with Dr. Chopra to discuss how we all can reset our mindset rituals in 2021 and increase our optimism & happiness.

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Where are you based and what do you do for work?

I am an Optimism Doctor®, Visual Imagery Expert, founder of the Things Are Looking Up™ Optimism Deck of Cards and The Host of the LOOKING UP With Dr. Deepika Chopra Podcast. I am a Los Angeles native and based in Santa Monica CA.

What are some examples of rituals that help you feel your best + achieve your life’s purpose?

When did you start doing these? I have recited the same Sanksrit mantra while I wash my face in the morning since I was 7… it didn’t really start as an intentional ritual but, it has always served as a way to help ground me, give me comfort and set my day up the right way. I also have been practicing something I call “Wake Up And Dance” since the pandemic started… I have always broken out in solo dance or family dance parties for as long as I can remember but, recently I have ritualized it… the first thing I do when I wake up, before speaking to anyone, checking emails, brushing teeth etc, I put on some music and I dance, I just move my body in any way that feels right and freeing to me! I always end my day by pulling one of the science based optimism cards from my Things Are Looking Up Deck of Cards.

How do you keep these rituals alive and strong (especially during hard times or heading into a new chapter)?

I realize that the more simple I can keep my rituals the more likely I am to keep them alive no matter where I am or what is going on… the 3 practical, short rituals that are my non negotiables can be done from anywhere without any other resources and with very little time on hand! 

Do you practice gratitude? If so, what does this look like for you?

Yes, I do. I have to change up my practice so it doesn’t get monotonous or inauthentic… sometimes it’s written, sometimes it’s in my visual imagery practice and sometimes it’s in something more creative. Having children, more so my toddler has helped bring this practice into our home as a family, we talk about the things that bring us joy and the things we are most thankful for every day.

What do you now know about yourself that you’ve learned from practicing wellness rituals?

Despite all my research, my work with others and my skills I am not the best at keeping routines or disciplined in a practice, it’s something that takes intentional hard work for me.

Has setting mindful intentions shaped or affected your rituals? How?

In my research and practice I always educate my clients that it’s best to pair a mental or emotional ritual with a physical one… like how I recite the sanskrit mantra while washing my face! It helps make the ritual more powerful and potent!

Reset your mindset rituals:

Research shows, it takes about 66 days to formulate a new habit and the first 33 days are the most challenging— Let's shift our mindset to increase optimism and happiness in 2021 by taking the #THINGSARELOOKINGUP33 challenge. Pull 1 card from the deck every day for 33 days, around the same time each day!

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