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The Ritual of Gratitude

Gratitude. It’s a word we hear a lot these days, yet surprisingly, a lot of us struggle in finding the right ways to practice it. With everything going on in the world, the things that are keeping us all grounded is everything that we’re grateful for. This Year, my family and I are focusing on the ritual of showing gratitude.

When I practice gratitude, I focus on my perspective of things. While it can be easy to be anxious and scared due to the current state of the world, I choose to shift my perspective and think more positively in order to really dive into that sense of gratitude. It allows me to take a moment in my day to reflect, focus and helps me live in the moment, while passing on that kindness and thoughtfulness onto our family. For me, I’m the most grateful for my family and this newfound time that we all have to spend together. In fact, I’m making the effort to express my gratitude for all of them, while encouraging them to do the same for whatever they’re grateful for. These regular rituals can strengthen family bonds and teach children important life lessons, and I love anything that brings us closer together.

Gratitude is also something I want my kids to embrace. Studies show that people who express gratitude every day have a stronger immune system. They’re happier and healthier. They have more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, and wake up in better spirits.

This Giving Tuesday we are so grateful to be partnering with the amazing non-profit organization, The Little Market, to support their mission to empower artisans around the world by extending their products’ distribution and supporting sustainable income opportunities.

Our passion for family and socially responsible business has been injected into every aspect of the brand, including who we look to partner with for special moments like this one.

The Little Market does amazing non-profit work to help people worldwide through dignified income opportunities to support themselves and their families. We're closely aligned in the fundamental belief that every person has the right to safe, livable and fair wages and we're so proud to be partnering with other women doing such meaningful and mindful work in the world.

Every purchase made on on December 1st will receive a limited edition candle by The Little Market, contributing to the Furtuna Family of Brands $25,000 commitment to The Little Market.


About The Little Market

A nonprofit fair trade shop featuring ethically sourced, artisan-made products. Behind each of their products is a person who created it — and a story. They seek to empower artisans around the world by extending their products’ distribution and supporting sustainable income opportunities. They are committed to upholding the dignity of artisans, celebrating their cultural techniques and traditions, and bringing attention to social justice and human rights issues faced.


About The Little Market x Furtuna Skin Italian Fig Candle

Inspired by figs trees that fill the air every summer in Sicily with their sweet aroma, our collaborative Italian fig candle allows you to enjoy the scent of the Italian fig year-round. Hand-poured in small batches, this clean burning candle is made with a coconut-soy wax blend and a pure cotton wick, and poured into a recyclable glass vessel.

Each candle is crafted by the artisans at Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise supporting female refugees in the United States by enabling women to escape poverty and conflict around the world through entrepreneurship. Every candle purchased helps provide a living wage for the women of Prosperity, who have recently resettled from refugee camps and are working to build a brighter future for themselves and their families in the United States.


Celebrating Their Technique

Each candle is handmade in Massachusetts by a single artisan from start to finish.

The women hand-pour the wax in small batches; it is a clean-burning mixture of a coconut-soy wax blend, which is free of phthalates and infused with essential oils. They use a carefully crafted mixture of essential oils to create the perfect scent and finish the candle with a 100 percent cotton wick. Every candle is created without dyes or enhancers. Finally, the artisan packages the candle and signs her name on the bottom.

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Debra Fullman

An important lesson learned about gratitude. Love the work of the Little Market and the fig candle.