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Wildly Potent to the Test: Porte Per La Vitalità Face & Eye Serum

During our consumer study, 55 individuals participated to understand how our Porte Per La Vitalità Face & Eye Serum lifts, evens tone, protects, and depuffs eyes. Participants used our Face & Eye Serum 2x per day over a 30 day period and saw remarkable results.

Skin receives nourishment through quick product absorption.

Thanks to its high Olive Leaf Water content, the serum feels weightless on skin. The elegant elixir’s light yet potent formula is made with high concentrations of powerful ingredients. Inside every drop of our Face and Eye Serum are skin nourishing nutrients from Organic Mallow, Nigella Sativa, and Blackthorn to provide the full range of nutrition for skin.


DAY 14
Skin feels moisturized & supple.

Restoring the moisture barrier function, while protecting and nourishing is fundamental to this powerhouse liquid. Harvested from mighty olive trees on our farm, our exclusive single-origin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed with phenolic antioxidants, Vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids to moisturize skin.

We then infuse this oil using our Soundbath Extraction™ Method with other hero botanicals like: Organic Beet, an antimicrobial botanical with hydrating powers that is teeming with 80 different phytonutrients; Organic Milk Thistle, a skin-soothing and protective antioxidant loaded with linoleic fatty acids; and Organic Asparagus, a medicinal plant used for centuries that is rich in the antioxidant alphabet, to drive next level skin moisture & suppleness.


DAY 30
Skins radiance is restored to give a brighter, glowing complexion.

Powerful bioactive nutrients are key to enhancing luminosity and restoring skin’s overall complexion.

Powering the serum’s transformative effects is our wild-foraged Splendore Anchusa™ Complex, starring Anchusa azurea, our exclusive ingredient with unrivaled antioxidant powers. Accompanied by other Sicilian Extremophyte™ plants such as Organic White Nettle and Organic Horsetail, these “rockstars” were chosen for their high performance, nutritional concentrations, and ability to support the skin’s natural collagen synthesis to leave your complexion glowing with a new radiance and vitality.


At the end of the study 84% of our participants reported an overall improvement in the appearance of their skin.

Face and Eye Serum


Pump 1-3 times and spread a thin veil over the skin

Work serum into skin with fingertips using our tap-tap-tap method

Apply to clean skin before using other creams and oils

2x daily - Morning & Night

For truly transformative results, we recommend using Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum as part of a comprehensive Wildly Potent skincare ritual. Prepare skin with Acqua Serena Micellar Cleansing Essence. Your skin is now ready for the application of your Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum. Next, target eye specific concerns with our Visione di Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream. Lock in the moisture and vitamins, with Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil. If you still feel like your skin needs some extra nourishment, we recommend applying our Rinascita delle Olive Replenishing Balm as the final step in your routine.

Face and Eye Serum


The serum has greatly improved my skin's texture. My skin looks supple and luminous. Feels ultra soft as well!

It's a double whammy! This product is hands down my favorite and based on my experience it exceeds expectations 10 out of 10! It has everything I need to tone, hydrate, and bring back supple skin.

I absolutely love this product. After 30 days, my skin is noticeably more radiant and keeps me looking young. I have a beautiful glow and I feel more confident.


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