7 Ways Our Splendore Anchusa™ Complex Makes Skin Glow

Get the polished glow of an even-toned, well-moisturized complexion with our proprietary Splendore Anchusa™ Complex that’s inside many of our wild skincare formulas. The wild-foraged blend features a splendor of riches from our Sicilian Estate. We selected our five top performing plants to optimize skin with the entire vitamin antioxidant alphabet. Nourished by this rejuvenating bath of balanced nutrients, skin radiates a healthy glow from within.

Discover the 7 ways Splendore Anchusa™ Complex enlivens skin’s natural luminosity.


With urban smog and pollution at an all time high, your skin is caught in its dulling haze. Unleashed by pollutants, free radicals tear down collagen and turn up pigment production. When your skin tone and texture are uneven, it diffuses light and looks dull. Anchusa azurea is a miracle flower from our Sicilian estate that lifts the haze to restore your dewy glow. Our wild bloom shields skin against the dulling effects of pollutants and free radicals with the highest antioxidant activity of any wild edible Mediterranean plant. Because of its powers, we made it the star of our Splendore Anchusa™ Complex.

Anchusa contains cornucopia of rejuvenating nutrients and phyto-chemicals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, rosmarinic acid and linoleic acid. Vitamin A and C both support collagen production, strengthening your skin below so it looks smoother and reflects light better on the surface. Vitamin C brightens skin and evens out tone to bring out skin’s glow.

Anchusa also has two natural acids for vibrant skin, linolenic and rosmarinic. Linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid that helps strengthen the top layer of the skin. It’s essential for making ceramides, a fatty molecule that’s part of natural dermal barrier and helps skin hold onto moisture to keep it glowing and healthy looking. Thanks to its rich concentration of rosmarinic acid, an anti-inflammatory that expedites wound healing and provides protective effects on cells, Anchusa helps soothe inflammation to keep skin clear, glowing and healthy-looking.


The asparagus in our wild skincare complex provides a rich source of antioxidant nutrients, including Vitamins A, C, E and K, for brighter, more glowing skin.The vitamins do more than protect against oxidative stress and nourish skin. Vitamin A supports healthy cell turnover, so fresh new cells can replace dull cells for clear, vibrant skin. Vitamin C is the brightening antioxidant that helps fade spots and illuminate skin. Vitamin C also helps encourage natural collagen production, which keeps the skin surface smooth so light bounces off. Asparagus contains extremely high levels of Vitamins E and K, which are good for stressed skin. Vitamin E has humectant properties to support the skin’s barrier. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E is known for its ability to accelerate the skin’s healing process.Vitamin K helps reduce inflammation and improve the softness and suppleness of your skin. The nutrients in asparagus help minimize spider veins that may appear on the cheeks with age as well as dark spots and under eye circles.


Chicory gives skin a radiant and bright appearance. It helps support collagen synthesis to keep skin firm and resilient. And it has a lifting effect that diminishes lines for a more reflective skin surface. Chicory also contains the essentials of healthy, glowing skin: Vitamin C for brightening and boosting collagen,Vitamin B9 folate for optimal cell turnover, and Vitamin K for healthy micro-circulation.


Beet gives skin a boost of glowing vitality. It contains brightening Vitamin C, known to help fade pigmentation. Beet has a hydrating effect that helps prevent dryness and a protective antioxidant action against free radicals. Teeming with nourishing phyto-nutrients such as beta carotene (pro-Vitamin A) for healthy cell turnover, beet helps renew skin’s glow and smooth fine lines in the process.


We make our own delivery system bases for the Splendore Anchusa™ Complex from scratch using our own ultra-nourishing olive oil and olive water. These olive infusions are the perfect carriers for our wildly potent botanicals because the combination of ingredients amplifies the formula effectiveness for transformative results. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, squalene and omega fatty acids, our exclusive Estate olive oil base adds many glow-boosting benefits to the blend from moisture-plumping to protection. Powerful phenols shield and soothe skin with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help prevent photodamage. Powerhouse antioxidant Vitamin E and vitamin K help the body heal and repair itself. Squalene is an effective emollient in olive oil that helps hydrate skin. Omega-rich essential fatty acids improve skin’s suppleness and radiance. Olive leaves contain super antioxidants like hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein that protect skin against oxidative stress. Hydroxytyrosol is a free radical fighter with some of the highest antioxidant properties ever discovered. And oleuropein not only helps prevent free radical damage, it also promotes circulation and purifies for a clear, vibrant complexion.


Our powerful botanicals are concentrated with nutrients, vitamins and emollients for naturally glowing skin. To ensure that the full potency of our ingredients are captured so that your skin gets all the nutrients that make it glow, we use the pioneering Soundbath™ Extraction method. This green process bathes our botanicals in sound waves for a fast and reliable extraction without harsh solvents. First developed by the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve brought this technology to the beauty world to raise the bar on efficacy for natural ingredients.


Free radicals are the saboteurs of glow. Caused by exposure to pollutants, harsh ingredients, UV and stress, their cumulative effect exhausts skin’s metabolism and nutrient levels while triggering skin’s fight response. Skin in defense mode is working harder to fend off free radicals and resist inflammation. The added burden on skin slows down cellular renewal, which dims its glow of vitality, leaving it dull, depleted and fatigued.

To lighten the load for skin, our wild-crafted Splendore Anchusa™ Complex features a synergistic combination of the hardest-working botanicals from our Estate. These wild-foraged plants grow better in a community and the potent antioxidants they contain perform even better when combined. We formulated the Splendore Anchusa™ complex to leverage the natural synergies between these plants for maximum antioxidant potency that far exceeds any single ingredient. When our lab partners tested the synergies between ingredients from the same community, they found that reuniting ingredients from the same community multiplied their combined antioxidant power many times over. Tests prove that our synergistic blends protect against free radical damage and inhibit free radical formation by 100%.

Unlock the power of a glowing transformation with our Splendore Anchusa™ Complex, inside our Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum.


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