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From Catwalk to Creator

As a fashion model, I’ve always looked forward to February, when fashion week kicks off in New York, London, Milan and Paris. There’s a feeling of excitement in the air as the top designers present their fashions for the following season.

I loved the energy of being around the world’s top designers. In my years of modeling, I was lucky enough to work with big fashion houses like Chanel, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent. I was proud to represent their fashions on the runway.

The days were intense. In the flurry of photo shoots and runway shows—sometimes up to six or seven shows a day—I often had to completely change my makeup several times a day. I was fascinated as I sat in the makeup chair watching amazing artists give me different looks. Curious about the products they used, I asked a lot of questions. As a fashion model, you always want to make sure your skin is glowing and beautiful, so it was fun to try the products they recommended to help keep my skin looking good.

But no matter how many different products I tried, I could never find one that was truly amazing that gave me the results I wanted. I wanted an innovative product that was good for my skin and my health and made my skin look great.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I realized even more how important it is to put only nurturing, high-quality products on my skin. It was my experience as both a runway model and as a mom that inspired me to join with a team of experts to start Furtuna Skin. I wanted to create an amazing skincare line that’s nourishing and nurturing for the skin.

During fashion week, no matter how exhausted I was at the end of those very long days, I always made sure to invest extra time in thoroughly washing my face and cleansing it. I knew how important it was to give my skin all the nutrients it needed every night so I could be successful the next day. It’s a philosophy that I follow to this day: never go to bed with dirty skin. I also made sure to regularly wash my pillow case. It helps keep the skin healthy when you lay your head down on a clean pillow case.

Our skin is our biggest organ and everything we put on it ends up in our bloodstream. Studies have shown a lot of the personal care products people use contain harmful chemicals. A recent one, for example, looked at the harmful effects on children who were exposed to chemicals in personal care products. Why take that risk?

At Furtuna Skin, we use only rare and uniquely powerful botanicals from places like my family farm in Sicily. Our ingredients are organic and we follow the EU’s stringent standards, which ban some 1,300 chemicals the U.S. doesn’t. Our products also never contain any harsh chemical additives, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or dyes.

 Our Face and Eye Serum is a product I would have loved to have had back in my modeling days. It’s one I use multiple times a day now, especially in the winter months. It keeps my skin feeling fresh and looking great, and I rest easy knowing I’m putting the best possible ingredients on my skin.


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