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An Ode to Olive Harvest Season

We are a product of that land, and the belief that clean beauty can be transformative.

Harvested from mighty olive trees on our farm, our exclusive single-origin, extra virgin olive oil is an international award-winner several times over, and has earned organic certification from the USDA and Bioagricert (Italy), so you know it’s the highest quality you can find.

This proprietary blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the foundation to our high performance skincare. Packed with phenolic antioxidants, Vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids, our nourishing olive oil protects against a range of free radical effects, rejuvenates fatigued skin, and moisturizes skin without clogging pores.

With the Fall season brings our favorite time of the year, harvest season of our 12,000 olive trees on the La Furtuna Farm. This process takes time since every olive is hand picked by the local Sicilian people, never by machine. It’s part of our ongoing pledge to transform lives and lands by boosting the local Sicilian economy with job creation. It takes about 45 days, and 25 men and women harvesting from mid September through October to pick about 8,500kg of olives.

Our master botanist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino, has poured over two decades into studying and observing our unique, Sicilian ecosystem. Under his watchful eye, we have been able to seamlessly braid state-of-the-art technology, such as our cold extraction Alfa Laval System, in with the centuries-old family tradition of our natural harvesting and production processes.

Not all harvests at the La Furtuna Farm are equal, but the traditions they carry out to honor this special time of the year are. Every year with the first oil produced, the farm organizes a lunch with fresh bread and the freshly pressed oil to celebrate the fruits of their labor & the land. This tradition of gathering and celebrating is an integral part of Italian culture. In some towns such as Cammarata, the first pressed olive oil batch is made into sweet treats such as Frittelles, a traditional Italian doughnut.

We learn our greatest lessons from the land itself. Our commitment to creating the finest extra virgin olive oil is a holistic venture that begins from the ground up and extends beyond perfecting the best production practices. It starts with a desire to understand and learn from the natural world. The land has the answers to the challenges we face, when we're ready to listen to it. From this understanding of the intricacies of the biological heritage of Sicily and our farm we are able to make the purest products.

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