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Celebrating Mindful Movement with LEKFIT Founder Lauren Kleban

Research proves that movement is a mood booster (and it’s good for your skin!). So why not celebrate mindful movement that promotes health and longevity? LEKFIT is a uniquely curated fitness method founded by Lauren Kleban that celebrates movement with musically driven, fun, challenging, safe and effective workouts. Believing that a workout should be equal parts fun and effective the LEKFIT experience is made up of three signature class concepts designed to complement each other for a well-rounded fitness experience. BOOST and HYPE provide both cardio and sculpt while DEFINE is strictly full-body sculpting.

Regular exercise and normal sweat production have been shown to have anti-aging effects. Sweat also contains natural moisturizing factor, which helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy while killing certain bacteria on your skin. The benefits are truly endless.

We sat down with former professional dancer and founder of LEKFIT, Lauren Kleban to talk about how rituals and intention can be powerful tools in resetting your body & mind.

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Where are you based and what do you do for work?

I am the founder and CEO of LEKFIT based in Los Angeles.

What are some examples of rituals that help you feel your best + achieve your life’s purpose? When did you start doing these?

I fully believe in self-care and making time for it. That can look different at different times in my life, but ensuing I designate time between my husband, three kids and business is crucial to the success of all. Self-care has always been a priority, but I began to take it much more seriously with the then birth of my son in 2013.

In 2020, we were “forced” - to be more self-reflective and slow down. What rituals did you incorporate into your life during this changing time? Are there any you want to bring with you in 2021?

I prefer to think that 2020 forced me to pivot in a way I had not necessarily intended, but welcomed. It is not within my nature to slow down and I think that helps me thrive. I have a business with employees and customers who relied on me to push through and I did. The past year’s blessing in disguise was forcing me to be still and with the birth of my third child in July, I appreciate that and will continue to be comfortable in the stillness as we enter 2021.

Do you practice gratitude? If so, what does this look like for you?

I am eternally grateful. I take nothing for granted and have a keen awareness of my place in the world as a woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur, creator and friend.


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