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The Art of Sensuality with Christina Viviani

Christina Viviani and Emilio Rameriz founded The Great Eros as a celebration of pleasure in all its forms with the intention to design a collection for how women live now. From selecting materials for their feel as much as their look, to finding the silhouettes and timeless forms that truly feel good on the body—they center their work on the joys of the sensual world. 

Like Furtuna Skin, The Great Eros marries sensual aesthetics with time honored techniques to bring you products that are just as beautiful as they are ethical and sustainable.

We sat down with Christina to discuss sensuality and how it inspires and drives her self care rituals.

Tell us why you started The Great Eros...
My Husband and I had the initial intention of creating a space that felt more along the lines of a modern love shop. We both had awkward experiences when shopping for intimate gifts for each other, and wanted to create a space that felt more inclusive to all sexes. We wanted to tie in both of our loves for fine art, vintage erotica, and design aesthetics.

How do you bring sensuality into your creativity? Why do you think this is important?
I think referencing old archives and intensive library visits are crucial to my design process. Sensuality is the main reference to everything we stand for, and want, our customer to experience when wearing anything that is carefully crafted by us. 

How do you keep sensuality and romance alive and strong?
For us it’s different- because not only are we married but we are also creative collaborators and business partners. We make an effort to still date each other and find a healthy balance between our work life and our intimate life. Establishing boundaries between the two aspects of our relationship has allowed us to grow stronger as a couple and as a business. Making time for eachother is crucial. We also have a no phones in the bed rule LOL.

What are some examples of rituals that help you feel your best + achieve your life’s purpose? When did you start doing these? 
Early on in my career, I felt the need to fully immerse myself in the New York design culture. Now being a veteran in the industry I have realized that those moments of self care and establishing my rituals have allowed more room for my creative process as a whole. Practicing Thai Chi, and setting my morning intentions have become something that are crucial to my days. I also love and cherish my morning walks with my dog Phoebe. 

Do you practice gratitude? If so, what does this look like for you? 
Before going to bed, Emilio and I always reflect on our day together and share one thing that happened that day that we are grateful for. It surprises me how often, our responses align and are the same thing. It tends to be something that is super simple, like a brief interaction with a stranger or a client that happens to come into the store for the first time. 

What are your favorite creations for The Great Eros?
A lot of my favorite pieces that I have created overtime started with a concept or trial and error. The Canova Ouvert is one of my favorite pieces in the collection because this piece was inspired by a tulip. The way that a tulips petals overlap and open is the precise of this signature design. 


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