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When Dominican-born designer Miguelina Gambaccini launched her honeymoon collection in 1998, she had no idea her label would become the premiere women’s clothing brand for elevated world wanderlust.

Miguelina’s bohemian-luxe dresses, caftans, pants, and jumpsuits are synonymous with jet-set chic. The brand’s exclusive laces are designed and developed in-house and offer a level of intricacy that’s coveted around the globe.

As an avid traveler and nature lover, Gambaccini is committed to mindful sourcing and sustainability. Gambaccini works in collaboration with local artisans and women’s cooperatives around the world to create timeless, high-quality pieces that women can buy fewer of and wear forever.

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

When I was packing for my Thailand honeymoon over 20 years ago, I realized there simply weren’t a lot of beautiful and easily packable dresses, caftans, shirts, and pants for free-spirited and nomadic women like me. I decided to create my own clothes that I could wear from my bed to the beach to the bar and that captured the romantic vibe I was looking for.

As a world traveler, how has Italy specifically influenced your designs?

I’ve always had a big love for both the people and natural beauty of the Mediterranean. Italy is my absolute favorite place to be in the summer. I love to see the clothes and jewelry that everybody’s wearing and I also love the food, of course!

Why is a headscarf an essential summer staple in Italy?

A headscarf is just so classic — so traditional and feminine. You can wear it with just about anything and it will always look beautiful. Oh, and because Audrey Hepburn wore it in the movie “Roman Holiday.”

What’s one thing you’d love for people to know about you?

Making women feel as beautiful on the outside as they really are on the inside, and dressing the Miguelina girl for a lifetime of adventure is what I absolutely love most about my job.

How do you implement mindful sourcing for your pieces?

I get to know the people who are creating my garments and I make sure that they’re happy with their jobs and that they’re paid well. When sourcing materials, I look for vendors who create fabrics with minimum impact on our planet. I also design timeless pieces that are of extremely high quality, so that the Miguelina Girl can buy fewer items and wear them forever.

What are your top skincare tips for summer?

I cleanse religiously to remove the day’s sunscreen and all the sand and summer dust. And I always use Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm and Face & Eye Serum to keep my skin radiant and hydrated.

What’s your biggest skincare concern?

Because I don’t like all the chemicals, I personally invest in sustainable skincare products. I can also tell when I’m dehydrated because my skin loses its plumpness, so I make a point to drink plenty of water in the summer.

Can you tell us your favorite Furtuna Skin products?

I simply can’t live without the Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm and Face & Eye Serum. They make my skin look flawless and so happy.

When you shop 7/7-7/12 you’ll receive a complimentary Miguelina Lace Headscarf - a mandatory for any summer lunch or international adventure.


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