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Meet Hollywood’s Hottest Groomer: Amy Komorowski

Amy Komorowski is a New York-based groomer and major Furtuna Skin advocate! An expert at her craft, Komorowski is trusted by a prestigious list of clients including Adam Driver, the Jonas Brothers, Eddie Redmayne, Antoni Porowski, and many others. Her work can be found on the covers of countless publications including CR Men, British GQ, Esquire, W, Interview, and Rolling Stone, in addition to featuring in numerous campaigns for world-renowned brands such as Breitling, Omega, Oliver Peoples, Perry Ellis, and more.

How did you get into the world of grooming?

It's been a long, interesting journey that began over 20 years ago working in television production for VH1, quitting my stable job and eventually assisting many top hair and makeup artists. On some shoots the male models would be left to fend for themselves. I really saw the opportunity to give them a little love too. My style and aesthetic has always been "clean, natural beauty" so grooming guys felt like the perfect fit. At first it was mostly fashion and beauty shoots but then I started getting calls to work with actors and musicians and it really took off from there.

What has been your favorite shoot or project to date?

Oh wow, too many to count! Some jobs are my favorite because of the finished look or “red carpet moment” and some are just so fun, exciting and a bit glamorous. My first European promo tour with Justin Timberlake was exciting, working with Eddie Redmayne during award season and watching him win an Oscar, attending the Star Wars premiere and working with Adam Driver has been the ride of a lifetime and shooting the "Sucker" music video in London with The Jonas Brothers was one of my most "proud" grooming moments.

What are some of the most common skincare concerns you hear from your clients?

Definitely the under eye area, either puffiness or tired looking eyes, breakouts and sensitive, irritated neck skin.

If you could create a dream dob kit for your clients what would be in it?

A dream dopp kit would include a nice face wash (you'd be surprised how many guys don't wash their face), an after shave serum, a moisturizer, an eye cream, lip balm, sunscreen, deodorant, a great buzzer to clean up face and neck hair, a nail kit, eye masks, a hair product, comb and a Mason Pearson brush. Just the essentials because most guys don't like a complicated grooming routine.

Why is it important to educate your clients and the men in your life about their unique skincare concerns?

I feel like guys wait too long before they ask for help when it comes to a skin or hair concern. They don't usually address something until it's a bit late. Sometimes they don't know where to start or use what's already in the bathroom or products they've used since college. Men love to be pampered and want to look and feel their best too. A few simple products and a consistent routine can make all the difference.

Can you tell us about your favorite Furtuna Skin product?

I don't have just one! My two favorites are the Biphase Moisturizing Oil and the Replenishing Balm. That oil might just be one of the best products out there, my skin loves it! The Replenishing Balm is a wonderful multitasker. I carry it with me everywhere to use on my face, cuticles, and even as aromatherapy during the day. My clients absolutely love it too! The scent sets the tone for the day and instantly relaxes them.

Your go-to 3 Tips for Summer Grooming:

1. Get a small dopp kit and carry all of your favorite essentials with you. That way you're always prepared to refresh no matter where the day may take you.
2. Go with the flow and let your hair do it's thing but always apply a little product so it stays looking polished.
3. Keep neck and face hair tidy with a trimmer and apply the after shave serum to hydrate and give yourself an instant "pick me up".



    L’Uomo After Shave Serum

    Replenishing Balm 

    Replenishing Balm

     Biphase Oil

    Biphase Moisturizing Oil

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