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Skin Detox: Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Your body is naturally designed for detox. When you drink too much coffee, your kidneys flush excess chemicals from your body; when you inhale dirty air, your lungs will filter out the harmful particles. Detox is literally as natural to your body as breathing.

Your skin can do the same thing, but it works differently. Your skin is the second most important organ when it comes to detox, only behind the digestive tract. Believe it or not, even breathing can’t prevent as many toxins from entering your system as your skin can.

Even though your skin is the largest organ in your body, unlike your kidneys, liver, or lungs, toxins cannot exit the body directly through your skin. But that doesn’t mean skincare can’t contribute to detoxification.

Skin detoxes by collecting toxins in the form of buildup. When unwanted matter gathers under your skin’s natural barrier, it can clog your pores and dull your skin. A skin detox might be in order to rid your body of these impurities.

What Does a Skin Detox Entail?

A skin detox can mean different things to different people. For those wanting a light refresher for their skin, a new cleanser might just do the trick. But for those looking for a deeper detox, more than a face mask is needed to eliminate toxins from the skin.

Detoxification is the process of removing buildup from the toils and toxins of daily life. Pollutants like oils, dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and even leftover makeup can cause impurities on the skin. They can even contribute to skin conditions like acne and eczema.

To prevent these skin problems, a natural skin detox can help. Natural ingredients and healthy habits can support your skin and carry away the heavy buildup weighing you down.

The key to healthy skin is a healthy skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. By making small changes to your diet, activity, and water intake, you can start to transform your skin from the inside out.

What Are the Benefits of a Skin Detox?

Detoxifying your skin can have untold benefits on skin health and appearance. More than just reducing the appearance of blemishes and breakouts, the right skin detox will leave your skin feeling renewed in more ways than one.

Clear Complexion

Targeting this buildup has a second benefit: fewer breakouts! In caring for your skin and eliminating toxins, all-natural skin detoxes can brighten and clear skin before impurities have the chance to develop. With the right detox, healthy skin can be a given.

Our Micellar Cleansing Essence works to draw out dirt and impurities with olive-enriched micelles for refreshed, clear skin.

Even Tone

With all the impurities from your skin, detoxes can hugely impact your skin's appearance. Issues like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, skin problems, and skin aging are no match for natural detoxification. By targeting the buildup responsible for your skin’s uneven appearance, you can say goodbye to impurities and say hello to a refreshingly even tone that you and your face will love.

Our Face and Eye Serum helps support an even-looking skin tone while also illuminating and minimizing the appearance of pores.

Healthy Glow

Skin detoxes can make you glow – and not from oily skin. Clear of any and all unwanted impurities, a face fresh from a skin detox is free to shine under any kind of lighting. With hydration and moisture you can’t beat, detox your skin to achieve a natural glow that will brighten any room.

Our Biphase Moisturizing Oil works to support healthy, glowing skin with our olive oil and nutrient-rich olive leaf water. Biphase Oil has a light-weight texture that provides long-lasting moisture and increases collagen production to minimize large pores and clarify congested skin.

Strong Lipid Barrier

But skin detoxes aren’t all about looks. The goal is healthy skin that you can feel.

Detoxification replaces buildup with healthy fats and antioxidants that strengthen your skin’s natural barrier against clogged pores. Ceramides and olive oil are key ingredients for a healthy and strong lipid barrier, and you can find them in our Replenishing Balm.

Our Replenishing Balm features our Wild-Foraged Replenishing Complex to help support your skin barrier for nourished, soft skin.

How Can I Perform a Skin Detox?

Ready for the reward of a purifying and hydrating skin detox? We’ve got you covered! With natural ingredients and simple solutions, your skin is in for a treat.

Get Plenty of Water

The best – and easiest – way to eliminate toxins from your body is to flush them out. Water is nature’s detoxifier: a favorite of clean beauty routines and a staple in traditional medicine, nothing can beat the hydrating power of H20. To reap the benefits of this natural moisturizer, incorporate water into your life in as many ways as possible.

Drink your fill: Health experts commonly recommend adults drink at least eight full glasses of water a day, and dermatologists agree. The more water you drink, the more toxins your body can flush out, so drink your fill. Your skin will thank you for it.

Hydrating skincare only: Almost every skincare product lists water as a top ingredient. But just because a cleanser or moisturizer is made with water doesn’t mean it’s hydrating. Since water is a chemical binder, it’s extremely effective in holding together solutions and serums. But water cannot hydrate skin alone. When looking to boost hydration in your skincare routine, look for products that list natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin c that will support glowing skin – not just water. You’ll find hyaluronic acid in our Face and Eye Serum, and vitamin C in our Biphase Moisturizing Oil for the ultimate skin support.

Manage Your Sugar Intake

Foods and drinks with lots of sugar can be tasty, but they can also have a damaging effect on your skin when consumed in excess.

Sugar naturally breaks down collagen and elastin, two important components of blood vessels. These proteins are responsible for giving your skin shape and structure. Sugar attacks against these vital amino acids in the blood can cause premature sagging, giving the appearance of skin aging.

To avoid these side effects, manage your sugar intake. When you eat too many sweets, your blood sugar can spike dramatically, leading to high glucose levels in your veins and arteries – and a high chance for unwanted collagen and elastin attacks. Though good in moderation, sugar can easily turn from sweet to sour.

Swap Your Products

From the land, our products contain the best ingredients for healthy skin. Especially for sensitive skin, it is essential to use serums free from harsh parabens and chemicals that can strain your skin. Introduce clean ingredients to your skincare routine to brighten skin and detox from unwanted impurities.

Remember to be mindful of your skin while trying new products. Though the idea of a sudden detox can be appealing, skin health is always the top priority. Especially for users with sensitive skin, it’s important to test only one new product at a time. That way, should you have a poor reaction, you can easily identify exactly what is causing the irritation and remove the source of skin stress.

Opt for Gentle Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key component of any skin detox. After all, scrubbing away residual dirt and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface is the best way to encourage bright and clear skin. But choosing the right exfoliant is essential to a healthy detox.

Whether you opt for scrub or serum, exfoliating skincare products must achieve the perfect blend between a deep cleanse and a gentle approach. Though you want a product that will penetrate buildup and prevent further clogging, harsh scrubs can accidentally pierce the natural skin barrier and eventually do more harm than good for your skin. Like all other things, exfoliation is a balancing act.

Apply Your Products Properly

No matter how extensive your skincare routine is, if you apply your products incorrectly, you likely won’t get your desired results. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, applying your products correctly is key for achieving clear and healthy skin.

Invest in a Good Moisturizer

Before, during, and after your skin detox, it’s important to use a high-quality moisturizer. If your lotions are lackluster, you’ll erase all the hard work of your cleansers and toners – plus you’ll miss out on the benefit of some added hydration. Moisturizer is not a skincare step or a skincare product you want to skimp on.

When choosing the right moisturizer for you, like any other product, focus on ingredients. Healthy fats and natural oils high in antioxidants, like the olive oil in our Biphase Moisturizing Oil, are the best sources of hydration for your skin. To lock in the natural hydration of your skincare routine and prevent dry skin, choose a moisturizer that will make your skin glow from the inside out.

Protect Your Complexion

Sunscreen is essential to any skincare routine – and any skin detox — to protect against sun damage. However, some forms of SPF can lead to buildup, which we want to avoid. To prevent impurities, we use a proprietary 360° Exposome Defense™ Complex in our Biphase Moisturizing Oil that works to help defend and support your skin against air pollution, irritants, and sun exposure.

The Bottom Line

Your skin can’t achieve its best natural glow when impurities weigh it down. A skin detox is a perfect solution for unwanted breakouts and blemishes, whether you're suffering from daily buildup or harsher toxins. Using all-natural and hydrating ingredients can help eliminate toxins and reduce flare-ups that clog your clear skin.

Your body’s largest organ deserves only the best treatment, so give your skin a detoxifying spa treatment it will never forget.


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