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Soundbath Meets Skincare Rituals: Destress Your Skin

There is sound all around us. Whether it’s the gentle rotation of a ceiling fan, music playing from another room, or birds chirping outside the window, we live in a constant state of sound. Sometimes, that sound can be overwhelming – but it doesn't have to be. 

When used carefully and with intention, sound can be a meditative practice that changes how we experience the world. But we’re not talking about your favorite inspirational playlist. More than just setting the mood for a certain experience, natural sound waves have the power to penetrate our bodies and change the flow of energy in our bodies for the better.  

One of the best ways to better your body — and skin — is by enjoying a soundbath. 

What Is a Soundbath?

Despite its name, soundbaths don’t involve a bathtub. But, they do involve water. 

Using singing bowls filled with water and a wide array of chimes, gongs, and other hollow instruments, soundbaths channel the power of sound to destress your mind and correct the flow of energy in your body. They are an immersive experience, which means they have immersive health benefits. While you lay on the floor and enter a relaxed state of consciousness, a sound therapist will dose your body with healing sounds that support your mental health

But sound is good for more than just healing your mind. Soundbaths can also have a healing effect on your body. 

Inspired by traditional medicine, soundbaths are designed to soothe your body and direct the flow of energy that may be blocked within your body. By targeting the seven chakras of your body, sound therapy impacts your body on a cellular level. Some health benefits of soundbaths include supporting your nervous system and a healthy blood pressure level. 

How Does Sound Affect Your Skin?

Different sound frequencies have different impacts on your body. While some sounds are best for supporting internal health, other frequencies are best for supporting your skin. 

The most popular frequencies used in soundbaths come from the Solfeggio scale, an ancient sound scale that dates back to the 11th century. Of the nine tones that make up the scale, one frequency stands out when it comes to skincare. 

285 Hz, the second lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale, is known for its sound healing power. Associated with cellular repair and immune system strength, this frequency promotes rejuvenation within your skin. Working from within, this sound frequency can support skin regrowth, balance pH, and even heal burns. 

With that kind of power, it’s no wonder skincare specialists look to sound healers and therapists when designing their products!

How Can You Improve Your Skincare Routine With Soundbath?

Rather than being immersed in water, during a soundbath, you are immersed in sound. Thanks to the different frequencies emitted from specialty instruments that can repair your body at a cellular level, the soundbath experience is invigorating for your skin. Attending regular soundbath sessions can be a great way to destress your body and relax your skin. 

But did you know that soundbaths can also stimulate your skincare products? 

Just as your body benefits from soundbaths, so can your skincare. But that doesn’t mean taking your favorite moisturizer to your next soundbath session and letting it listen to Tibetan singing bowls. When we talk about the sound of your skincare, we’re talking about using sound to process and purify ingredients. But more on that later. 

To add sound healing to your skincare, add these sound-inspired products to your routine!


Start your skincare with our Micellar Cleansing Essence. Unlike your regular face wash, this product is a cleanser, toner, and essence in one, which means it provides multiple benefits in one single step! Made with five wild-foraged plants and our Splendore Anchusa® Complex, this skincare product banishes buildup and purifies your skin’s pH to ensure you get the most out of your targeted products.


Your skin takes on a lot throughout the day, so it’s important to protect it from whatever may come its way. Our Face and Eye Serum draws on the power of nature to illuminate your skin. While organic plant extracts like olive leaf water hydrate your skin and provide antioxidant protection, ingredients like hyaluronic acid and olive oil lock that moisture in, strengthening the skin barrier throughout the day. 

Treat Eyes

For extra care around the eyes and to awaken the skin, our Eye Revitalizing Cream targets your skin concerns at their core, working to reduce the appearance of lines, puffiness, and dark circles. A powerful all-in-one formula, this eye cream will change the way you see the world – and the way the world sees you. 


Without hydration, all that prep and treatment would be for nothing. To keep your skin smooth and supple, add our Biphase Moisturizing Oil on top of your regular treatments. Another skin protectant, this face oil harnesses the multi-purpose power of olives to introduce moisture to your skin and maintain hydration all day. 


The beauty of skincare is that it’s fully customizable for whatever you need. If you’re dealing with dry, dull, or even stressed skin, for extra nourishment add our Olive Replenishing Balm to your daily routine. With the strength of our Wild-Foraged Replenishing Complex, this balm nourishes and repairs the skin’s natural protective barrier using the best nature has to offer. 

What Products Can Complement Your Soundbath Skincare Routine?

But the skin benefits of sound don’t stop there. Inspired by soundbaths and their traditional medicine practices, Furtuna Skin’s Obsidian Gua Sha stone is designed to destress your skin. This stone is a powerful facial massage tool and a great addition to your skincare – or soundbath – experience. 

How Does Furtuna Skin Incorporate Soundbath Benefits?

As we said, adding sound to your skincare means more than playing different sounds during production. To make the most of your skincare products, natural ingredients should be extracted using the power of sound. 

Scientists must extract nutrients from natural sources to gather the ingredients needed to create these powerful skincare products. Some synthetic products rely on chemical processes to expedite this process, but lab-made solutions can only damage the plants and reduce their effectiveness... A gentler touch is needed to make the most of nature’s ingredients. And what could be more gentle than sound? 

Furtuna Skin is dedicated to creating skincare products that are good for the environment and good for your skin. That’s why we use our Soundbath® method. By applying different frequencies of sound to our ingredients during this extraction and processing method, we can efficiently extract only the best nutrients from these potent plants. 

The Bottom Line

At Furtuna Skin, we believe in the power of nature, so we make sure that none of it goes to waste. Using the science of sound, we make our products with only the best, most refined ingredients that are as good for your skin as they are for the environment. With all the benefits of meditation and no need for an at-home yoga studio, try our sound-inspired skincare before your next soundbath session! 


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