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Types of Olive Oil for Skin: EVOO vs. Regular

Sometimes, perfecting your skincare routine can seem like crafting a potion. With cleansers and lotions as your ingredients, it can take months hunched over the cauldron to find the right balance of products for your skin type. 

Trial and error will eventually lead you to the perfect blend, but what if we told you we knew the secret ingredient? 

To master your skincare routine, all you need is a little bit of olive oil. 

What Are the Different Types of Olive Oil?

You probably already knew that there are different types of olive oil. It makes sense that you wouldn’t substitute ordinary cooking oils for your luxury skincare products or that you wouldn’t sauté greek food with your high-quality face oils. 

When it comes to separating the types of olive oil for skin from the types for your Mediterranean diet, the secret is in the sauce — or rather, how you make it. 

There are several ways olives can be processed into olive oil for the skin. Different production methods yield different levels of potency, thus influencing quality. Olive oil is classified by its nutrient profile and subsequent health benefits to separate the better from the best. These classifications make up the different types of olive oil. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil, known by its acronym, EVOO, is the best oil for your skin on the market. Made by cold-pressing olives already high in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, EVOO strikes the right balance between bacteria-fighting digestive support and antioxidant-led skin benefits. 

Packed with high polyphenol levels and a free acid strength of at most 0.8%, extra virgin olive oil meets all your skin’s needs without sacrificing any of the plant’s potency. 

Regular Olive Oil

Not all olive oils are dedicated to supporting your skin.

Unlike EVOO, which focuses on drawing nutrients from their natural source, regular olive oil and olive pomace oils are refined during production to increase their tolerance to heat. 

While a higher smoke point makes them great cooking oils, refinement burns away many healthy fats, making regular olive oils a poor choice for your skin. With a very low polyphenol count and no antibacterial properties, regular olive oil leaves your skin defenseless against free radicals. 

How Is Furtuna Skin’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Different?

Furtuna Skin is dedicated to preserving the potency of nature’s plants. Other types of olive oil marked as “light” or “pure” claim that refinement makes them a better alternative to EVOO, but refining strips away all the good and healthy substances that occur naturally in olives. Left with nothing but a heavy oil that will weigh down your skin, refined oil is no match to Furtuna Skin’s, organic extra virgin olive oil. 

Our EVOO promises all the nutrients packed into fresh olives, including up to 325 mg/kg of polyphenols, over 70% oleic acid, and no more than 0.18% free acids. Bursting with nutrients, olive oil products like our Biphase Moisturizing Oil boast the same skin benefits as divine olives themselves. 

What Can Furtuna Skin’s Olive Oil Do for Skin?

Furtuna Skin’s extra virgin olive oil is a super ingredient for your skin. Whether added to a facial oil or ingested, incorporating EVOO into your daily routine is the best thing you can do for your skin. 

Provide Antioxidant Boost

EVOO is brimming with dozens of powerful properties that support your skin, including antioxidant polyphenols. Sourced straight from nature, these organic compounds are healthy metabolites. With the power to support your skin and your gut microbiome, polyphenols deliver body-wide health benefits. 

Beyond their soothing properties, polyphenols are also made to fight free radicals in your skin. Free radicals can break down collagen over time, reducing your skin elasticity and causing dry skin. 

That’s why Furtuna Skin’s olive oil comes packed with polyphenols. Thanks to these organic compounds, our EVOO gives your skin that extra boost of antioxidants it needs to help combat free radicals and pave the way for a clearer complexion.

Support Skin Health

But the power of our organic olive oil doesn’t stop there. In addition to supporting a complexion clear of any buildup or breakouts, our EVOO also supports your general skin health. 

Polyphenols like hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein possess exfoliating and purifying properties that can help defend against skin damage. Without these compounds, your skin is vulnerable to certain skin conditions. By keeping the skin clear of potential pathogens that might be collecting alongside dead skin cells, Furtuna Skin’s powerful organic olive oil draws on nature to protect your skin from the inside. 

Maintain a Strong Skin Barrier

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of our extra virgin oil, EVOO skincare products provide all the materials your skin needs to build and maintain a strong skin barrier. 

With strong doses of vitamins E,K, squalane, sterols, plus several important strands of healthy fatty acids, extra virgin olive oil works alongside your body’s natural sebum to protect your skin. Designed to complement your other skin moisturizers, Furtuna Skin’s organic, EVOO prevents trans-epidermal water loss in all skin types for a healthy and youthful glow. 

How Can You Tell if It’s Good Olive Oil?

The International Olive Oil Council publishes a list of specific requirements an olive oil must meet to become certified as an extra virgin oil. These requirements include minimum percentages of free acids, certain quantities of vitamin A, and so on. 

But Furtuna Skin doesn’t strive to just be good. 

Production Standards

We at Furtuna Skin are dedicated to creating the best oil for your skin. That’s why our production standards are the highest, surpassing the minimum requirements of dermatologists and the International Olive Oil Council alike. 

Made from the best olives on the La Furtuna Farm, our organic, extra virgin olive oil retains the natural potency of Italy’s best olives. Unlike other olives picked by machines and damaged during transit, we treat our fruits with care. 

We harvest our olives by hand, process them on our farm, and cold-press them within 12 hours — our EVOO is highly potent and highly effective for your skin. 

Extraction Process

Rather than infect our olives with chemicals, we use an alternative and eco-friendly extraction process to create Furtuna Skin’s decadent olive oil. Our exclusive Southbath® Extraction Method coaxes nutrients from our plants using the ancient power of sound waves. A non-invasive process, this innovative method is our secret to high-quality and highly potent olive oil. 


You can tell a lot about an olive oil based on its color. Refined olive oils tend to be lighter, as they are less dense with essential nutrients. To an untrained eye, it can be hard to tell the difference, as most olive oils for skin will have a golden tone. 

But to gain the most benefits of olive oil, making the distinction is essential.


A bit easier for amateur olive enthusiasts to diagnose, the taste of olive oil is very revealing of its overall nutrient profile. 

Different polyphenols in EVOO are responsible for different tastes. For example, oleocanthal, an antioxidant, is responsible for olive oil’s pungency, while oleuropein is responsible for its bitterness. The peppery flavor of Furtuna Skin’s olive oil comes from its potent polyphenols. 


Similarly, the fruitiness of olive oil reveals its acidity. Acid is a strong flavor, so its presence in olive oil distracts your tongue from other potential tastes, such as fruitiness. 

Furtuna Skin’s EVOO has a very low level of free acids, so its taste is more fruity than regular olive oil. While acidic olive oils might be good in your salad dressing, they aren’t great for your skin. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to EVOO, your skin deserves the best. Not just any organic olive oil can drive such powerful results. 

Master your skincare routine and unlock radiant skin with Furtuna Skin’s organic, extra virgin olive oil. Better than a magical ingredient, this skincare ingredient delivers a powerful boost of antioxidants and 66% more polyphenols than the average EVOO, to lock in skin moisture and promote a youthful glow. 

Based on the science of CHRONONUTRITION™, this organic, extra virgin olive oil prepares your body to absorb nutrients all day long, starting with just a tablespoon in the morning. Leading to health benefits throughout your body, this “elixir of life” is the perfect supplement to your skincare routine. 


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