Heritage of the Olive Tree

No other tree has shaped as many moments in history or inspired as many myths. From kings to gods, these wonderful stories about the enduring olive tree define Italy’s heritage today.

Goddess Athena stuck a spear into the earth and it turned into an olive tree, the most precious gift a deity could give humanity. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used olive oil to heal ailments while Galen, an ancient Roman physician, used it as a moisturizer. Romans washed their hair and beautified their skin with it. Homer called olive oil liquid gold. Ancestors anointed kings and crowned heroes with this sacred serum.

Symbol of immortality, source of life, health and renewal, the olive tree represents everything that roots us and makes us resilient. While other trees are merely decades old, olive trees can live over a thousand years, surviving droughts, winds, wars and extreme hardships. Strong, resistant and defiant, they are some of the oldest botanical specimens in the world. Olive trees are the eyes of tradition, witnesses to eras past.

Today, olive oil is the cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet and the signature ingredient of Italian cuisine. In Italy, every meal is an occasion, a time to celebrate family, tradition and generations coming together. Olive oil is at the center of Italian life, essential to its rich culture, lifestyle and landscapes. The history of olive oil is the story of Italy itself. With nourishing olive oil at its mainstay, Italy reigns as the healthiest country in the world.

Italy is also one of the most beautiful places in the world thanks to olive oil. It has been the country’s skincare secret for centuries. From ancient Romans to movie stars and jet-setters, Italy’s beautiful people have long used this golden treasure for their complexion care. Packed with the regenerative skincare benefits of antioxidant Vitamin E, polyphenols, resveratrol, omega 3’s, and moisturizing squalene, centuries-old olive oil has proven to be a wildly effective high-tech skincare ingredient. Captivated by these glowing reports, Furtuna Skin began to tap into the powers of olive oil for complexion care. And now you can experience its rich heritage, revolutionary performance and so much more in our olive-obsessed skincare line.


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