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What To Do After a Facial: 6 Do's & Don'ts

A facial can give your skin the attention it needs to repair, restore, and replenish itself. While addressing specific skincare needs, getting a facial can also help increase skin health. With the right aftercare, you can make the effects of your facial last longer and keep your skin looking radiant. 

Here at Furtuna Skin, we understand that facial aftercare is just as important as the facial itself. We’ve composed this simple guide of do’s and don’ts so you can get the most benefit from your facial treatment and keep that post-facial glow longer. 

What Are the Basics of a Facial?

During your facial, your aesthetician uses products and techniques to open the pores, lift away impurities, extract dirt and oil that can become trapped inside, and address skin concerns (like fine lines, dark spots, or dull skin), if any. 

They will also use products to deeply hydrate and replenish your skin, encourage collagen production, which decreases by about 1% each year, and protect it against free radical damage. 

Preparing for a Facial

Preparing for a facial is equally as important as your aftercare. Before your facial, make sure your skin is free from makeup, sunscreen, or other oils or creams.

Using Furtuna Skin Micellar Cleansing Essence, you can gently remove impurities and deeply cleanse the skin in preparation for your facial. Packed with powerfully effective yet gentle plant botanicals, you can use our cleansing essence to remove product residue from your skin. 

How Should I Care for My Skin After a Facial?

Post facial, your skin is in a slightly vulnerable position. It’s just been deeply cleansed, stimulated at the cellular level, and treated with nourishing, hydrating products. Although these are all skin benefits, you can expect your skin to be a little sensitive. 

As such, it’s important to continue the treatment at home with the right ingredients to protect your skin, encourage continued repair and restoration, and promote the longevity of the post-facial glow. 

1. DO Hydrate

It goes without saying, you leave a facial with your skin feeling deeply hydrated and maybe even still damp with creams and products your aesthetician used. Because extractions and deep pore cleansing can sometimes come at the cost of moisture loss, it’s important to continue that level of deep hydration at home. 

Furtuna Skin Biphase Moisturizing Oil is a rapidly absorbing way to dose your skin with whole-plant nutrition. Grounded in our exclusive, award-winning, single-origin, organic extra virgin olive oil, our moisturizing oil protects against digital light, free radicals, and urban pollution while hydrating below the epidermal layer of your skin. 

Loaded with vitamin C and wild chicory, our moisturizing oil also helps protect against collagen loss so the effects of your facial can last for days. 

2. DO Replenish Your Skin

Your skin also needs help replenishing its own moisture and returning to homeostasis. If you had a chemical peel or other aggressive skin treatment during your facial, replenishing is essential to maintain a healthy skin barrier and protect against irritation and damage.

Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm is the solution. This intensive, reparative balm works as both a mask and a spot treatment for areas of skin that may be incredibly sensitive or irritated. Formulated with wild-foraged plant botanicals, this potent balm protects, nourishes, and helps rebalance your skin.

Our single-origin, phenol-rich olive oil combines with jojoba oil to help restore balance to your skin. Jojoba oil, most close in chemical structure to the skin’s own sebum, helps keep moisture levels even and ensures skin is properly nourished after your treatment. 

3. DO Cleanse With Care

Post facial, your skin may not be ready for your usual exfoliating cleanser. If you’ve had a light therapy treatment, peel, or even a basic facial with extraction, you’ll need to upgrade to a vitamin-rich cleanser that can keep your skin nourished and calm. 

Furtuna Skin Micellar Skin Essence is a three-part cleansing, toning, and essence system containing anchusa azurea, olive leaf water, and olive-enriched micelles. This formula helps cleanse the skin while simultaneously supporting your skin barrier’s natural pH levels to enhance radiance and protect your skin’s integrity. 

The best part? There’s no need to rinse, rub, or scrub. Simply apply to all areas of your skin to help purify and gently cleanse with nourishing plant botanicals. 

What Should I Avoid After a Facial?

Avoid these post-facial pitfalls to ensure your skin retains the same healing glow you left the spa with. 

1. DON’T Exfoliate (Yet)

Exfoliating is essential to any skincare routine, but it may be a no-go the first week after your facial. Your skin has likely already been exfoliated during your facial, whether or not you realize it. 

Exfoliating can be done using abrasive products or plant-based phytochemicals that help gently lift away the top layer of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. 

After your facial, the new skin you see may be sensitive to some exfoliating ingredients. Postpone your exfoliating treatment for a week, and you’ll enjoy healthy, glowing skin for longer. 

2. DON’T Skip Your Day and Night Treatments

It can be easy to assume you don’t need to use your usual day and night creams because you’ve just experienced the mother load of skin-beneficial products during your facial. Skipping your usual treatments can leave the skin feeling parched, while continuing them can increase the benefits of your facial care. 

Don’t have a day and night treatment? We can help. Our Day and Night Cream Set helps skin recalibrate by supporting the skin’s unique circadian rhythm. 

Our day cream helps depuff, tighten, and brighten the skin, while our night cream helps support skin cell turnover with potent bakuchiol and restore moisture with three types of ceramides. 

3. DON’T Sit in the Sun

Post-facial skin is especially sensitive to the sun, and some of the products your aesthetician may have used could make your skin even more sensitive to sun exposure. Instead of spending the rest of your afternoon outdoors, it’s a better idea to stay inside. 

If you have to be outdoors, wear a hat and glasses, and use an appropriate SPF. 

Furtuna Skin: The Luxe Way To Care for Post-Facial Skin

If you love the products your provider uses during your facial, you can experience the same level of deeply nourishing, intensely hydrating skin care at home with Furtuna Skin. Formulated with our award-winning, organic extra virgin olive oil, our skincare helps replenish, restore, repair, and increase radiance. 

Elevate your facial and take your skin treatment experience home. Furtuna Skin’s blend of olive oil and potent plant botanicals helps your skin thrive. 


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