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Wildly Potent to the Test: Visione de Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream

During our consumer study, 85 women participated to understand how our Visione de Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream lifts, plumps, brightens, and depuffs. Participants used our Eye Revitalizing Cream 2x per day over a 30 day period and saw remarkable results.

Eye Cream moisturizes the eye area, gently melting into skin.

The eye cream features our 360 Eye Revitalizing Complex - a corrective eye formula created using 7 wildly-foraged flowers from our Sicilian Farm. The botanicals work together to revitalize the extended eye area, while remaining gentle on the skin.
To extract the ingredients for our eye cream, we use our efficient yet gentle SoundbathTM Method to capture the nutrients inside our botanicals. This pioneering process eliminates the need for harsh solvents, allowing for the eye cream to smooth and soften lines and imperfections for a youthful, re-volumized appearance.


DAY 14
Eye Cream plumps and rejuvenates the under eye area.

Our eye cream’s proprietary phyto fusion includes the elusive Nigella Damascena, a flower rich in polyphenols, the powerful antioxidant quercetin, vitamins and fatty acids. Our hero ingredient helps brighten the appearance of dark circles and minimize puffiness for a rejuvenated look.
This rare bloom combines forces with the addition of Lilac Stem Cells - the life force of the formula. Lilac Stem Cells contain verbascoside, a compound known to help minimize the appearance of puffiness and dark circles through rejuvenating the fragile skin around the eyes.


DAY 30
Under eye area is awakened and revitalized through restored moisture.

A new, radiant aura is brought to your under eye area through our Spectrum of Light System, which brightens the skin around eyes by targeting the underlying conditions that interfere with light and luminosity. This natural breakthrough in brightening lights up the entire eye area with radiance and vitality.
High performance hydrators plump up sunken areas to smooth the skin surface while tone-targeting botanicals brighten and boost skin’s natural circulation and collagen production for enhanced illumination and light reflection.


At the end of the study:

  • 9 out of 10 users agree that it plumps skin
  • 95% say it is gentle around sensitive eye areas
  • 8 out of 10 users agree it smooths the eye area
  • 8 out of 10 people agree it rejuvenates under eye area


Eye Cream


Scoop out a small dab of the eye cream with the spoon provided and place the product on your ring finger. Your ring finger has the lightest touch so it’s less likely to pull the sensitive eye area.

Apply small dots from under the eye up to the brow bone

Gently apply small dots with a light tap-tap-tap motion. Start at the inner corner, tapping under the eye, moving up toward the temple, over the lid, and finishing above the brow area

2x daily - Morning & Night

Use during the day as a primer under eye makeup to keep your concealer and eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day. Plus add it to your lip contours to help smooth fine lines around your mouth to keep lipstick from creasing (bleeding). Apply a thicker layer at night to envelop the skin in rich, restorative moisture while you sleep.
For a restorative self-care ritual, try using our Energia Luminoso Gua Sha stone after the eye cream application to intensify results. Carved out of Obsidian, a luminous black volcanic glass with potent energy, the tool is sculpted to fit against the contours of your complexion. Facial Gua Sha is a professional technique known to relieve puffiness, restore luminosity and protect against negative energies. Begin with a cleansed face and clean Gua Sha stone. Prep skin with the Visione Di Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream, then apply an oil or balm to improve glide. Using repetitive movements, gently sweep the Gua Sha stone under the eyes, over the eyebrow bone, towards the temples and all the way to the hairline.

Eye Cream


This eye cream is extremely gentle and extremely hydrating! It goes on very smoothly, sinks in well, and leaves my eye area feeling nourished and soft. I also noticed some improvement in the creases and fine lines around my eye area after a month of use!

I really love the texture of this product. The cream is thick and melts into the skin beautifully. I would absolutely recommend this product, especially to those with dry skin.

Awesome Product! Feels great, smells great. This eye cream is very moisturizing. I just put a tiny dab on my finger, close my eye and lightly rub the cream all over my upper and lower lids. My eyes feel great, and there is no sting.


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