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Facial Massage: Invigorate Stressed Skin

Life can be stressful. With important budget meetings to plan, social events to attend, and families to take care of, the tasks of daily life can become overwhelming. When our minds buckle under stress, our bodies, including our skin, can follow. 

But stress, even in chronic cases, is not inescapable. To recenter your mind and invigorate stressed skin, consider adding the power of regular face massages to your regular skincare routine. 

What Is a Facial Massage?

A facial massage is just what it sounds like: a massage for your face. Available in a variety of intensities for a variety of purposes, facial massages can transform your skin and promote overall wellness. 

Ancient massages date back to the third century, when practitioners used them for the same reasons they exist today. Temporarily relieving discomfort, supporting recovery, and improving skin appearance are the primary goals of facial massage. 

Facial massages using specially crafted tools like jade rollers or just your middle fingers and a bit of lotion can interact with the pressure points of your face to ease feelings of tension and promote blood circulation for glowing skin. With the right massage techniques, these relaxing sessions can also contribute to some glowing cosmetic benefits as well. 

What Are the Benefits of Facial Massages

Facial massages are an invigorating experience for your skin. Whether you travel to a remote retreat in the mountains or simply take a long bath in your home, luxurious massages are a great way to bring some much-needed relaxation to your stressed skin. 

Support Your Lymph Nodes

Your lymph nodes – small, bean-shaped structures located in many parts of the body – are your immune system’s first defense against threats, so keeping them healthy is essential. Because of their place in the front lines, your lymphatic system can quickly become irritated. In addition to being uncomfortable, irritated lymph nodes are less effective in protecting your body from becoming sick. 

Facial massages can be a powerful tool in maintaining the function of your lymphatic system. It’s best to focus your massage on the sides of your face, neck, and jawline where lymph buildup is most present to help promote natural lymphatic drainage. In a technique doctors and dermatologists call manual lymphatic drainage, you can use kneading motions to encourage drainage by applying gentle pressure to your skin. 

Support Your Sinuses 

Similar to lymph blockages in your neck, obstructions can develop in your sinus pathways. Often a result of ailments or even weather-induced allergies, sinus pressure is an uncomfortable condition that can contribute to your experienced stress. But, like other side effects of stress, this problem has a simple solution. 

To encourage open sinus passages in the nose and eye areas, give yourself a gentle facial massage. Using your index finger to guide your pressure, work your hands down the sides of your nose and out across your cheeks to help your body clear blockages in your sinuses. When coupled with warm water, this DIY solution can soothe sinus discomfort and ease the stress on your skin. 

Reduce the Appearance of Aging

Not only can facial massages support the health of your internal organs and bodily systems, but they are a revitalizing experience for your skin. Facial massage techniques can ease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in an illuminating effect on your skin. 

The secret ingredient to younger-looking skin is better blood circulation. By massaging your facial skin, facial massages promote blood flow beneath the surface of your skin, which can have a visible plumping effect. For skin that glows from the inside out, try the gentle pressure of a great massage. 

Borrowing from Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Remember the third-century origin story of massages? Well, according to early medical texts, those ancient massages were first performed in China. 

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on healing the body by healing its energy. The five-element theory, also known as Wu Xing, teaches that all ailments come from an imbalance in one of the five elemental energies within the body. Because of its roots in the fundamental relationship between nature and health, Chinese traditional medicine looks to the earth for treatments. 

Acupressure and Gua Sha

Acupressure is a popular medicinal massage technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. Similar to acupuncture, the technique applies manual pressure to specific pressure points to correct the flow of energy in the body. Generally, the practice is done with the fingertips, though some tools can be helpful additions to the ancient medicinal technique. 

One such tool is an object called a gua sha. As a smooth-edged stone used to massage the face, the tool redirects the elemental energy floating beneath the surface of your skin according to traditional Chinese medicine. Through scraping, rubbing, or pushing motions, a gua sha tool is said to harness the natural powers of the earth to flush the visible effects of stress from your skin. 

How Can You Give Yourself an Invigorating Massage?

Nobody wants negative energy haunting their skin. Take a note from traditional Chinese medicine and put the practices of gua sha to the test. Give yourself a facial massage inspired by nature herself for renewed and comfortably relaxed skin. 

It’s All About Relaxation

Before you can wash away all the negative energy of the day, you need to set the right mood.

Find a quiet space in your home (or wherever you are) that is free from the distractions of daily life. Maybe it is a bathroom, a bedroom, or even a home office. Wherever you go, light some candles and fill the space with an intention for relaxation and release. 

The Right Massage Techniques

Once you’ve created a warm and welcoming space, it’s time to begin the facial massage. Using gentle pressure to start, engage your skin by making circular motions across the planes of your face. Use your middle fingers to massage your facial muscles and feel your blood flow freely. 

As you work through your massage, be sure to engage the rest of your hands as well. Using your palms, knead out your neck and use your index fingers to roll your collarbones. Even your lightweight ring fingers should not be idle. 

The Right Skincare Tools 

Our Energia Luminosa Obsidian Gua Sha stone is a special tool for creating a luxurious facial massage at home. The asymmetrical stone is made of pure obsidian and designed for massaging your chest, neck, and face. With a 100% natural and sustainable design, this volcanic gua sha stimulates skin for a fresh and healthy complexion. 

The Right Skincare Products

Couple your facial massage with soothing skincare products that will benefit your skin and enhance your overall relaxation. In addition to some great hydration benefits, our Biphase Moisturizing Oil pairs well with the gua sha stone, producing a smooth and lubricated surface on which the obsidian can glide. Together, the luxury products create a spa-like experience that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready for anything. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t let stress rule your life – or your skin. To shed negative energy and bring your skin back to life, give yourself the nature-inspired massage you deserve. 


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