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Nurturing Your Skin in the Winter Months

February is the perfect time to commit to a healthy skincare routine, one that will keep your skin looking and feeling great throughout the winter months.

I love this time of year—the chill in the air, a beautiful snowfall, skiing with husband and our kids. But winter is also especially harsh on our skin. The cold, dry air can leave skin red and irritated, while the heat indoors pulls moisture from the skin. That’s why it’s especially important to commit to a nourishing skincare routine when the temperature drops.

I’ve always been into wellness and health. But when I became pregnant with our first child, it really hit me that what you what you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. Everything seeps through our skin into our body. I knew that whatever I was putting on my skin would also affect our baby. So, I opened up my bathroom cabinet, threw away everything I was using, and started from scratch. I wanted organic, natural skincare products that would nurture my skin and also have transformative results. This is why I started Furtuna Skin — so I could have products made from wild, organic botanicals sourced from places like our farm in Sicily, products for people who care deeply about the quality of what they put on their skin.

One of the most important things we can do for our skin in winter is hydrate. I like to start my day by drinking a mug of warm water with a little lemon juice. Then, I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I strive to drink even more than the recommended eight, 8-ounce glasses per day, but we all have busy lives. Keep a water bottle next to you during the day and just remember to keep drinking. Nutrition is also key, making sure you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, which also helps to keep your skin hydrated. You should always thoroughly clean and exfoliate your skin at night. In the morning, don’t over cleanse. A quick rinse is sufficient, or use micellar water to gently cleanse (spoiler alert: we have some exciting new product releases coming soon!) My skincare philosophy is to use amazing products and ingredients, and sometimes, less is more. One of my favorite skincare products is a nutrient-dense face and eye serum. A high-quality one gives your skin all the vitamins and minerals it needs and keeps it glowing and beautiful without having to use a foundation. I use my Furtuna Face and Eye Serum at night, in the morning and throughout the day over my makeup. Especially in winter, more is better; you can’t overdo it. Over your serum, you can use an oil or moisturizer to help hydrate your skin even more.

When you’re choosing skincare products, it’s so important to know how the company sources its ingredients. Where do ingredients come from? Is the company committed to using the most potent ingredients and the best processes? Find a brand you trust. After all, our skin is our first line of defense against the elements. This winter, keep it healthy by committing to a nourishing skincare routine.


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Elizabeth Cusack

This is a wonderful article and the serum is simply amazing . I live in Chicago and the winter months are brutal. The serum keeps my skin soft and hydrated.